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Stories, Lists, Jokes, Tid-Bits (SLJTB)

Short stories, interesting lists, funny jokes, and great tid-bits for which the topic is humorous, inspiration, lesson of life, wisdom, or something that can cheer someone up.

Here are some of my favorites. Most are in text form (.txt). If the right margin is cutting off the text from the browser, one suggestion is to copy and paste the text list to Word and print from Word. Minor formatting may be needed. Another suggestion is copy and paste on Notepad, making sure word wrap is activated. Enjoy.

Graduation Speech Palo Alto High School Baccalaureate Speech 06/11/95 titled "Hindsight" by Guy Kawasaki. True in today's society. I wished someone told me at least one of Kawasaki's Hindsights.
Homer's Mmmm. . Here are most of Homer's Mmmmmms. Anyone hungry for a donut?
Moe's Phone Gags Moe the bartender is always tricked and always embarrassed. If you're a receptionist, watch out for these people's names.
100 Greatest Movies The 100 Greatest Movies picked by the American Film Industry. A movie buff can quote at least one line from each of these movies.
How Much Are You Worth? Working Dads, read the following.
Monday Morning Sentiment The Gift Daddies must never yell at their daughters.
The '80s List Remember the 1980s? Test yourself.
Email Emotions Some email symbols for composing emails. Tell your recipient you're happy :-) or sad :-(
The Goose Story Why do geese fly in a "V" formation? Good question.
Dictionary A to L A quick dictionary. Learn a new world a day.
Dictionary M to Z A quick dictionary. Find the common definition to some common words.
English Lesson Those who did not do well in English can receive a quick lesson. Don't earn an F for failing to learn the lesson.
CEO Problems CEOs get paid the big bucks. Here are solutions to solve problems in your company.
Understanding Everyone is different.
Happy with Children Families are happy with their children. Parents must cherish every moment good and bad.
100 Funniest Movies The 100 Funniest Movies picked by the American Film Industry. Can't choose a movie rental? Bring the list.
Leadership Principles Leadership Principles I learned in R.O.T.C.
Human Relation Rules I received an email requesting more concepts I learned in R.O.T.C. Here are the 24 Human Relation Rules.
Ten Rules for Women Found from Ann Landers from the San Jose Mercury News in November 2000.
Santa Claus Mommy and Daddy were not lying. Santa Claus exists. Really.
Jerry Seinfeld's SeinLanguage Excerpts from the New York Times Number One Bestseller. Written by Jerry Seinfeld and Copyrighted 1993.
Ten Rules for Men Found from Ann Landers from the San Jose Mercury News in February 2001.
Code of The Cow Country Anyone with a cowboy background may recognize the code.
Police Patrol Almost every motorist receive a traffic citation. Here are a few jokes.
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten Why do we need to attend high school? Here is all we really needed to know.
A Wonderful Rose From a friend of Pete Mogensen, laugh and play.
The Iron Horse This Hall of Fame baseball player gives 100% everyday. When I collected baseball cards, he was the first rookie card I owned. The article from the Wall Street Journal is in .gif (138k). The picture displays better for higher resolution monitors. The best way to view the picture is use the direction buttons, Page Up button, and Page Down button.
100 Thrillist Movies The 100 Thrillist Movies picked by the American Film Industry. Remember kids, it's only a movie.
The Irony of the Rat Race Explained Is it worth making the money for the future?
As You Like It Shakespeare's "All the World's a Stage."
TV Guide's Top 50 Cartoon Characters Where does Homer Simpson rank? D'oh! How about Pikachu? Pika, pika!
The Ranger Creed The Army Rangers kick butt.
Public Safety Tips Always be aware of your surroundings and be perceptive.
ESPN's 100 Greatest Home Runs There is at least one home run on the list you can remember where you were when the player hit the famous home run.
Raising A Financial Smarty Pants Cash, cash, and more cash does not necessarily lead to an educated, rich, and successful person.
Always More Than One Point of View Do you see a young woman or an old woman? .jpg image (35k).
It's Smart To Be Good From Fox News Your World With Neil Cavuto's Common Sense on Wednesday January 21, 2004.
Top 50 Worst Songs Blender Magazine's Top 50 Worst Songs.
A Little Test Take a test using both side of the brain.
The 100 Songs from U.S.A. Movies The 100 Best U.S.A. Movie Songs picked by the American Film Industry.
TV Guide's Top 50 Television Moments The 100 Most Memorable Television moments picked by TV Guide and TV Land.
The 100 Favorite Movie Quotes The 100 Best Movie Quotes by the American Film Industry.
Bill Gates 11 Rules for Real Life Gates speaks out what you need to know that you don't learn in school. (Personal Note: When I graduated college, I didn't believe a single rule. Today, Gates hits the bulls-eye with these rules.)
Ichiro Operates On A Higher Plane Ichiro Suzuki from the Seattle Mariners innovates his hitting. Article in .pdf from
On The Fly Games Games to play with a group of people waiting for something, bored and nothing to do, or to find something for a group of people to get together.
Salt Learn the many expressions using the word, "Salt."
David Chang's Noodle Bar David Chang opened Noodle Bar, his first restaurant. His second restaurant, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, was named 2007 Best New Restaurant of the Year by the New York Times. Chang was named 2007 Chef of the Year by Bon Appétit Magazine. The profile appeared in the March 24,2008 issue of The New Yorker magazine.
Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 Do What You Love: Time is Too Short to do Anything Else ...

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