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Family Photo Album

Back At Angel Island

I visited Angel Island for the second time. There was less hiking because we took a paid tour around the island and visited the immigration and detainment centers. We took a ferry from Tiburon, CA which was actually better than taking the ferry near Pier 39. Parking is cheaper at Tiburon. On the other hand, there's more driving because we drove on the Golden Gate Bridge. I bring my bike the next time I visit the island.

Indoor Soccer With The Family

My brother and his wife organized a birthday party for his son and daughter. The son is two years older than the daughter; however, they share the same month. The final minutes and overtime given from the facility staff gave me time to play goalie defending from the children kicking the soccer ball at me. I failed miserably. No worries. I needed practice. I become the best goalie on the planet in time.

In A Canoe On The Russian River

It was my second time canoeing on a river with a current that took place on Aug. 2013. I went canoeing on 1995 along the Sacramento River; however, the current went downstream with very little obstacles and the river was shallow. Personally, the 10 mile Russian River adventure was my first real canoeing. There are plenty of trees, plants, and ducks. The air is clean.

Watson At The Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum's feature exhibit is a mock version of Jeopardy with Watson, created from IBM. Across the contestants' booths was a mock Jeopardy display to challenge Watson. There was no Jeopardy game board. Instead, there was a screen showing a documentary how Watson was created. Writing my name on the pad was hard. The buzzers do work with lighting up your booth and the lighted countdown.

Not Afraid Of Sparkles Anymore

I was afraid of holding a sparkle when I was a kid. Also, I was out of town attending an anime convention during the Fourth of July a long time ago. I never had opportunities to celebrate with fireworks at any degree from sparkles to professional fireworks show. One of my uncle's from Los Angeles visited. My cousin purchased sparkles for everyone to hold. It was fun. I missed out when I was a child. Not anymore.

My First Time At The Maker Faire

The Maker Faire arrived in the Bay Area on May 2013. The event took place at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. My first impression attending the faire was the original creativity and genius minds that I couldn't do to save me life. Computers, electronics, art, foods, crafts, music, engineering, transportation, lights, science, and so much more. I thought to myself walking back to the train that there is a bright future ahead despite today's conflicts and pessimism we hear in today's media. We continue to improve our lives.

Valentine's Day Urban Hike

I took my girlfriend on an urban hike to Bernal Heights Park on Valentine's Day. It was our first time hiking the hilly park. The views of San Francisco are fantastic. We took BART from Daly City to Glen Park, followed by walking down the park to the central Bernal Heights neighborhood. Hiking is one of our favorite hobbies. We ate at a seafood restaurant in Half Moon Bay for dinner.

Fentons Ice Cream And Restaurant

There is a Fentons Ice Cream shop in Nut Tree located in Vacaville, CA. We shopped at the Vacaville Outlet Mall in Dec 2012. Fentons was featured in the final scene of the movie UP. Fentons does exist. The ice cream is expensive. Customers pay for the freshness. Their restaurant food is a typical diner style menu. Everyone should eat a Fentons ice cream once in their life.

Portola Redwoods State Park

My girlfriend and I hiked in the Portola Redwoods State Park. I was ready to climb Old Tree, a 280 feet tall and 12 feet in diameter. Nah, I didn't climb it. Thank goodness we had insect repellant because there were lots of bugs and mosquitoes. Another moment I remember for a long time is I got stung by a bee on my left hand. The bee landed on my left hand. I panicked. The bee stung me. My hand was swollen the size of a quarter and it stung throughout the hike.

A Small, Beautiful Park

I went to a gathering at the Felton Covered Bridge Park in Felton, CA. The bridge was built in 1893 that served as an entry to Felton for 45 years. Today, the bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects the park to a horse viewing area open to the public, a trail, and residential homes. I wear appropriate and better clothing the next time I visit the park for that bridge pose. I have the hat.

Viewing Stanford's The Oval From Hoover Tower

My girlfriend took me to Stanford University to visit Hoover Tower. Hoover Tower is dedicated to the life of President Herbert Hoover. The cost is $2 to visit. There is a museum on the ground floor. The picture is me overlooking The Oval. You get a 360 degree view from the tower. Good sights of Stanford University, Silicon Valley, and the mountains west of Palo Alto.

Urban Hike In San Francisco

If you want to visit a city, make it an urban hike. My San Francisco urban hike was walking along the Embarcadero. We started at the Cal Train station and visited the following places: AT&T Park, China Basin, South Park, Coit Tower, Telegraph Hill, Ghirardelli Square for a sundae, Musee Mechanique, and Fisherman's Wharf. We took a trolley back to Market St. and walked back to the Cal Train station. Fun times!

Moneyball FTW

My brother got free tickets to an Oakland A's baseball game. My brother, nephew, parents, and I watched the Oakland A's defeat the Cleveland Indians. We met up with my brother's wife and niece for a dinner in Oakland's Chinatown. The A's needs a new stadium. The Coliseum is garbage.

All Skill Playing Junior Deputy Sheriff

Alien_cat and I went to San Francisco for New Year's Eve 2012 to watch the fireworks. We visited Musee Mechanique at Fisherman's Wharf. Many parts of San Francisco were packed with people waiting for the fireworks. I played Junior Deputy Sheriff and I hit five targets. 50 points was my highest score. Make sure the gun functions well. There was another machine the gun was inaccurate. OK, bad job using my hands for five and zero =p

Musee Mechanique is an arcade museum. Free admission. I highly recommend people visit. Play games from the early 1900s to today. Get your fortune.

Pic credit: alien_cat.

Angel Island State Park

Another activity in my wish list checked off. Visiting Angel Island for the first time is an example of seeking new adventures and new experiences. We hiked to the top of Mount Livermore where people can see a 360 degree view of the entire San Francisco Bay Area. We were lucky the weather was not too hot and not too cold and the skies were clear.

My Next Pair Of Glasses

The next time I purchase a new pair of glasses, it's going to be similar to the pic on the left. I feel dark rim glasses look good on me. I look more Chinese, lol. I like the thick rim because I have a big face. The thin rim is too small and can cause mild headaches. I needed to buy a new pair of sunglasses because my last pair became too small. Picture was taken from my smart phone.

San Francisco Food Festival

I attended The San Francisco Food Festival's third annual event held in the Mission area. There were many people who attended and ate and drank from at least 30 food trucks and vendors. There was plenty of food from various ethnicities. Admission is free. The pic on the left is me holding a Pad Thai Taco and ginger lemonade.

My First Time On The Golden Gate Bridge

Take my pen and check off another item on my life wish list. I walked the entire span of the Golden Gate Bridge round trip. The weather was perfect. It was cold and foggy. I didn't worry about getting sunburn and sweating. We parked at Crissy Field and walked to the bridge and back. The total hike was 7.7 miles, my longest hike.

My First Time I Watched A Movie Outdoors

Downtown Redwood City has annual summer events. One event is the Thursday Night Movie at the Courthouse. The movie was Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. I took a picture of me with the movie screen as the background. A bag of popcorn is $1. The temperatures are cold at night despite the summer weather. People brought blankets.

Stanford University's Dish Area

I hiked on the paved walking trail at Stanford's Dish Area. Walkers can see the huge dishes. There are cows along two areas of the trail. The up and down trails are easy for most ages. Bring water and dress appropriately.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Sharks vs. Kings

My dad got two tickets to a San Jose Sharks playoff game. It was my first time I watched a live hockey game that also satisfied my first time I entered the HP Pavilion and my first playoffs game from a major sports. The Sharks won in overtime from Joe Pavelski overtime winning goal. Oh, there was a fight.

A Different Baseball Arcade Game

We visited Musee Mechanique after we arrived at Fisherman's Wharf riding the cable car. One of my favorite games I play visiting the museum was the baseball game. You control when you swing "the bat." There are holes inside that determine if you scored a hit or scored an out. Be patient. Sometimes the machine pitches a ball outside the strike zone.

My First Cable Car Ride

I went on my first ride on a San Francisco Cable Car. We took the cable car from Powell and Market to Hyde and Beach in Fisherman's Wharf. Everyone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area must ride the cable car once in their life.

Sure, Let's Go To Monterey and Carmel

I went with my parents and my uncle and aunt to Monterey and Carmel for the day. We ate lunch at Monterey's old fisherman's wharf. I enjoyed the day because I saw new sights and visited new places in Monterey for the first time. In Carmel, the city expanded the shops and restaurants. The last time I visited Carmel was in 1987. I remember Carmel had a few streets with shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, I got sick after the one day trip.

Lesson learned: eat to keep yourself energized. Seafood was a meal not to get fully energized. I must remember Washington Canada '08 when I almost got sick.

What Is Big Sur?

I never visited Big Sur before. The last time my uncle and aunt went to Big Sur was a long time ago. We drove south on Highway 1 to Big Sur. Big Sur is actually a small town. We stopped off a few scenic spots to take pictures. We also stopped at Pfeiffer State Park. Pfeiffer has trails from easy to hard and has a hotel for weekend trips. Pfeiffer State Park was where we turned around and drove back to Monterey's Cannery Row for dinner.

Sometimes The Old Days Of Living Are Still The Best

My dad's celebrated his birthday taking us to tour caverns in Central California. The first cavern we visited was Moaning Cavern. The weather outside was in the high 90s. The weather in the caverns is a consistent 63 degrees. We took the short Moaning Cavern tour which consisted of a long and steep spiral staircase. There is another tour option which allows the person to crawl deeper inside the cavern requiring a helmet and flashlights. Nobody felt any earthquake should it happen on the surface.

Family Group Shot Inside The Always Air Conditioned Cavern

We continued my dad's birthday celebration visiting California Cavern. The second cavern was a longer tour that required hardhats, optional flashlights that actually were useful, and no big backpacks because of the narrow walkways. Inside the cavern we learned the founder of the cavern charged money for people to enter inside. Parties, marriages, and religion services were held inside the consistent 60s degree weather.

Just Wearing Our Street Clothes Taking A Break From Anime

It's great taking a break from our normal routines and anime; in particular, cosplaying. My two friends who went with me to the California Academy of Science took a break from their passion anime hobby which is cosplaying and I took a break from keeping myself busy with other stuff. The pic is us on The Living Roof exhibit.

We were lucky to find parking on the street within a reasonable walking distance.

7.5 Miles

My first visit to Monte Bello Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto, CA turned out to be the toughest and longest hike I walked. The toughest part was the insects flying in front of my face. Lesson learned: spray insect repellant. The repellant worked when I hiked at Los Trancos, an easier and shorter hike across the street from Monte Bello. Hikers can see parts of the San Andres Fault. Monte Bello and Los Trancos are part of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

Back In The San Francisco Bay

The highlight of my summer vacation was going to a Paul McCartney concert. His Up And Coming Tour included San Francisco at AT&T Park. The last time McCartney played in San Francisco was the last Beatles live concert. At 68 years old, McCartney was absolutely fantastic. He played popular Beatles songs Hey Jude, Let It Be, All You Need Is Love, Something, All My Loving, A Day In The Life, Get Back, The Long and Winding Road, Yesterday, and Paperback Writer.

The Coolest Place To Hike On A Summer Day

I found another place to escape the hot summer days. I hiked at Point Lobos State Park minutes south from Carmel along the California coast. Point Lobos is a family friendly, easy trail to hike. The trail has everything including wildlife, sea animals, ocean, and deer.

A Beautiful View

My first activity during my 2010 spring vacation was a hike to Pinnacles National Park located in Paicines, CA and south of Hollister and outside Soledad. I went with three friends. Each of us carried food, water, and flashlights. Yes, flashlights. There were two caves with no natural light. Some trails were easy even the elderly had no problems walking up and down the hills. Pinnacles is best visited outside the summer.

Ice Skating Is Fun

I ice skated for the first time. I used to rollerbladed in 1996-1997 and again in 2000. I had a great time! I fell down once. I plan to take ice skating lessons and ice skate more often in the summer. It a great way to beat the heat. Pic taken from my cell phone.

Japanese MahJong or Riichi

I started to play Riichi in late Oct '09. I actually started to play in 2007 and I quit because it was too difficult. I was wrong. Riichi is not difficult. Just play and make mistakes. It's helpful to have friends who know the game. I already won my first game. The picture is me playing Riichi at San Jose State with my friends and acquaintances.

Dinner Time

Sometimes I cook dinner for the family. I really want to learn more cooking. My cooking skills are such that I know enough to survive on my own. I'm weak on stir frying and weak on making food taste good. I need more practice and more learning.

Dancing Is Fun

I started taking dance lessons from my sister. I continue taking dance lessons at De Anza college and learning salsa at the free salsa lessons. Unfortunately, salsa is my worse dance because I'm a slow learner. Smooth dances are my favorite and my best. I always find time to dance. I'm searching for a regular dance partner to practice dancing out of classes. The person who snuck up behind me is the dance instructor assistant. She has been dancing for at least five years. Pic taken from my cell phone.

Learn How To Bluff The Fun Way

Bluffing and lying are a good skill. Use timing and discretion when you need to bluff. One of my all time favorite games is Balderdash. It took me 10 minutes to understand the game. What is the plot for the movie "The Outing?" My answer was, "A dog goes to a park to bury a bone." Or how about "That Sinking Feeling?" Balderdash is a game for friends and family played anyway the group wants. Pic taken from my cell phone.


Appu and I watched Riverdance at the San Jose Center For Performing Arts. I always wanted to watch Riverdance since the first year it was released. Riverdance was touring for its farewell performance. I purchased the soundtrack at the gift shop. Irish music is awesome!

We Continue To Grow

The Mar family with my parents, my brother, my sister, and I.

Being Paul McCartney

Why did my brother get Band Hero? Just kidding. The music selection is good. Beatles Rock Band is awesome! I'm playing guitar left handed. I'm terrible at guitar; however, I did a good job playing left handed. Perhaps, I'm left handed when it comes to playing the guitar. My nephew is banging on the drums while my niece and my brother are watching.

Washington Canada 2009: Downtown Seattle

I visited my friend who lives in Washington. On our way to Kinokuniya Bookstore, a Japanese bookstore, I took a picture of Downtown Seattle on the background. I like rainy days. The rain continued throughout the day.

Washington Canada 2009: The Gates of Harmonious Interest

Every time I visit Washington we make an effort to visit Victoria. It's an opportunity to visit a foreign country. The prices were very expensive. I still see no potholes and I see cars stopping when people cross the street.

My Cell Phone Does This

I was eating a late dinner at The 24hr Gourmet. I was playing with my cell phone. I took a pic of myself randomly. I realized I see what my cell phone camera is going to take looking at the front display.

A Kiddie Park in Gilroy

I went to the Gilroy Gardens with my Dad, brother, and nephew. The theme park is catered towards children. I advise not to attend in the summer time because it gets really hot in Gilroy.

Hiking A New Path

I hiked a new trail on Castle Rock State Park. I walked on Ridge Trail that leads me to Goat Rock. It's possible to climb on Goat Rock. It's very steep and slippery you actually need rope. Once you on the rock, the sights are great to see.

At SF Maritime Park With Alcatraz In The Background

My parents went on an 11 day cruise that departed San Francisco. I took advantage of being in San Francisco by walking around Fisherman's Warm, Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square, and San Francisco Maritime Park.

936 Days Later

On Mon Aug 17, 2009, my braces were removed. Wow! I'm so happy. My smile is fantastic. No more bubble lips. Smiling is a key to happiness in life. Unfortunately, my smiles before I wore braces made me look ugly :(

Celebrating My Birthday With My Family

I celebrated with 35th birthday with my family. The picture is with my family. We ate pizzas for dinner.

I Wish The Ice Cream Cake Cooled The House

The weather was too warm on my birthday. I want my birthdays to be a cold day =)

Castle Rock State Park

I hiked at a second park located in Los Gatos. Castle Rock is much closer to Uvas County such that I have been hiking at Castle Rock. I'm looking forward to hike at new parks. And I want to hike more than once a month.

Eating A Cinnabon

I ate a Cinnabon for the first time. I never eat a packaged processed cinnamon roll ever again. Cinnabons are amazing!

Visiting The Charles M. Schultz Museum

Everyone was free one Saturday and we were choosing what we wanted to do. Three of us including myself went to the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA Schultz's comics remain timeless art and the laughs always happen.

Beat The Heat

It was a hot day. The coldest place was the ice skating rink across the street from the museum. There was a no check hockey game playing at the rink. I purchased a Snoopy ice cream bar. My friends complained the rink was too cold. Not me ;)

We Always Have Firsts For Everything

I never drank chocolate milk when I was a kid. The picture is me drinking chocolate milk for the first time. I believe kids must drink chocolate milk once in their young lives.

Hiking In Uvas Canyon

There are waterfalls and hiking trails in Northern California. I hiked the Uvas Canyon trail in Morgan Hill, CA. The picture is me in front of Basin Falls on Sat Apr 25. The last time I hiked was Yosemite in 1995. The park is about 45 minutes from my house. Looking forward to return and walk longer trails. Californians are lucky!

The Leaves Began To Bloom

I was at Costco shopping for groceries. I saw the trees in the parking lot blooming. It reminded me of cherry blossoms.

Sushi Is Delicious

The California Roll is not sushi. I started eating sushi in Dec '08. The only sushi I ordered is the dragon roll. Why the dragon roll so far? The dragon is my power for one of my cosplay characters.

Food Tastes The Same And Its Cheap

One of these days I eat everything from Costco's Food Court menu. Simple, cheap, and delicious when you're hungry, lol. You get your value's worth. The frozen yogurt is one example.

Circle Of Good Friends

One Friday night my friends visited my house. We enjoy our company playing games and random talking anything. Our common interests and hobbies include anime, computers, and laughing about the daily view. I learn a lot from my friends and I'm grateful ^__^ Missing in the photo is Lisu.

My Gaming PC And The Family PC

It was time to upgrade my computer and the family computer. I got good deals and rebates on some of the hardware. Now I can play video games on a better system instead of my laptop-if I have the time, LOL ;) My first game was Crysis played mostly to check out the graphics. The family's old PC the USB was 1.1. That's how old it was.

It Was Fun Building The Gaming PC

My Dad and my friends helped me build the Gaming PC. I'm in my pj's (lol) transferring files from my laptop and I'm testing the dual monitors. There were plenty of great deals and sales. I took advantage of the recession. One of these days I have three monitors.

Lucky Shot Playing Junior Deputy Sheriff

Appu and I went to San Francisco for New Year's Eve 2009. We visited Musee Mechanique at Fisherman's Wharf. I played Junior Deputy Sheriff and I hit the third target, the hardest target, for a total of 30 points. OK, bad job using my hands for three and zero =p

We invite more of our friends for New Year's Eve 2010 XD

I'm Smarter Now With Osmosis At Stanford University

My parents, one of my Uncle's family from Southern California, and I visited Stanford University during the Christmas holiday. Picture is my parents and I in front of the church. The church was closed. Many visitors and there was a wedding photo shoot.

Turning Back To Become A Kid Again, And It's OK

The first minutes after I entered my brother's house, his son wanted to play toys. I imagined my nephew imagining driving the entire world-meaning driving a vehicle with the world attached at the back ^^ Toys and oranges were a great one-two combo. Play toys and eat healthy.

The Best Christmas For The Family In A Long Time

I don't remember when the last time my family had a great Christmas. My brother's two children experienced a great Christmas with the family.

Rainforests Of The World Dome at CA Academy of Sciences

My Dad, Uncle, Aunt, and I went to the California Academy of Sciences at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA on Mon Dec 22, 2008. The crowd was big and the line was long for tickets and entry. Well worth your time to visit with family and/or friends. Go early to get tickets for the planetarium. We couldn't get planetarium tickets. We were lucky to get tickets for the 3D bug show.

Below the Rainforests Of The World Dome

I can stay below the dome for hours, and I can ignore the crowds and people. The best part of the dome IMO. The Amazonian Rainforest at the dome's basement. Just look up and gaze in awe O__O

Washington Canada 2008: Bremerton Marina

I visited my friend Steve in Washington on November 2008. On day 2, we took a ferry from Bremerton to Seattle. Here at the marina, the water fountain's force was strong. I must be quick to tap the water or else the water splashes on me. The fountain arches from the water source on my left. People could walk under the fountain water arch.

On day 1, we went to an Indian casino. I won $150 playing craps.

Washington Canada 2008: Hurricane Ridge

Steve and I arrived at Hurricane Ridge before it closed on day 3. There were us and another party. The strong winds made the 47 degrees worst. Love cold weather :3 BTW, Steve is taller than me. The visitor's center and the bathrooms were open only. Gift shop was closed. We saw a deer on the way back to Port Angeles.

Washington Canada 2008: Victoria, BC Chinatown

Day 4 we visited Canada. I'm in front of the entrance to Chinatown. The Chinatown was clean no stinky smell compared to Chinatowns in the United States. I didn't find the red Chinese house I sworn I saw in '05.

Washington Canada 2008: Legislative Buildings

Another picture of me in front of the British Columbia Legislative Buildings in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I took a picture in front of the building when I visited Victoria in 2005.

Washington Canada 2008: I Made It To The Top

Day 5 was being in the Seattle and Tacoma area. The REI store in Seattle has an indoor wall climb. I climbed the easy path. I almost quit at the halfway point. My spotter encouraged me to continue :] See with my mind. I solved the most difficult climb area. I breezed the rest of the climb. There was no section for the climber to go over the wall. There was a triangle rope section. Touch it and I made it to the top ^O^. Victory!!!

Washington Canada 2008: It's Raining In Seattle Area

Finally, rain in Seattle on day 6. I experienced rain in the Washington Canada 2005, but not in Seattle. I take Port Orchard as Seattle, LOL. Washington rain is clean, crisp, and drinkable. The rain happened in the morning only. We went to the rock 'n roll and science fiction museum.

Screw You LOL City of Capitola ^__^

Sat Sep 20, 2008, two friends and I spent the early afternoon in Capitola. Capitola is five minutes south of Santa Cruz. It's a small city with a small beach. We planned to eat dinner at a Japanese restaurant and we choose to hang out the entire day. We found out later after paying for parking the parking was free. Oh, well. Don't sweat $2.00 since is doesn't matter one year from now `__* The picture is my pissed off response to the parking meter LOL at me :O Yes, the parking meter spelled out LOL from the LED timer.

Brian Is Saved, Too

There was a fire drill at Cisco on June 2008. The fire drill was unexpected because my building's fire drill was scheduled next week. There were reports of a bad smell at the time of the drill. Most people were told the fire drill was a drill. My laptop, mp3 player, personal bag, and Brian are going to be saved in a fire. Picture is me outside the parking lot waiting for security to allow everyone back in the building. It's dorky taking a picture at work. I was bored XD

The Termites Are Terminated

My family's house was tented for termites in March 2008. We stayed at our brother's house for three days and two nights. We moved all chemicals to the backyard and brought all food and perishables items. The event was a lesson to plan ahead what to bring, what to move, and prepare for the exterminators to do their jobs.

My First Car

On May 19, 2007, I purchased my first car from my neighbor. He and his wife moved to Virginia to be closer to their family. They sold their second car which is a 2005 Toyota Camry. Having the car makes me feel more independent and I can visit more places. I promise I take car of the car including oil changes with Castrol oil every 5,000 miles, tire rotation, and car washes.

Vancouver 2007

On March 19, 2007, I started working as a contractor at Cisco. On my second week, my department held a four day off-site meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The off-site included meeting everyone in the department around the world, games, training, overviews of last year, goals, sharing ideas, and having fun. The last day of the off-site was half day. Many people went home on the last day. Few went home the day after including me. I walked around downtown after the off-site ended. The picture is me standing next to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic clock in Downtown Vancouver.

At Home

When my laptop is at home, my flat panel is hooked up for dual monitors. The picture is me at my so-called workstation because I'm using my brother's desk ^^ The picture has me wearing glasses and my braces. The glasses are really my driving glasses. I see clearer when I wear the glasses reading and working on the computer 8-) I might as well wear them more often. The glasses and braces give me a different look XD

My First Day Wearing Braces

The picture was taken on Jan 24, 2007. I took the day off from work for braces to be installed. OMG!!! Look at my teeth and smile *sniff, sniff* Horrible ;__; I'm patient my braces give me a better smile. It's worth the wait. The first 2 weeks I ate soft food including kiwi, oatmeal, and yogurt. My lunch and dinner must be blended. The orthodontist is Dr. Kenneth Kai on the right. Funny and professional :D I want to whiten my teeth after my braces are removed :{}

Mini Las Vegas Trip 2006

Here is another familiar picture. Steve and I went on a three day, two night trip to Las Vegas, the same as our Las Vegas trip 2004. We had fun in 2004 we choose to take another mini trip in December 2006. Here is my traditional picture of me at the Bellagio with Paris Las Vegas as the background. The Bellagio is my favorite casino.

Family Gathering Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving Day 2006 my mom side's family visited my Uncle's place. Picture included my family, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Cousins' family, and baby nephew. Lots of food and lots of smiles. The year was busy for many of us and taking one day off to visit was relaxing. We watched Mission Impossible III. Am I glad I watched the DVD instead of going to the movies -__-

Day Off Work Visit Santa Cruz

I took a day off from work to visit Santa Cruz on August 2006. The last time I went to Santa Cruz was Summer 2001. My friends and I walked on the beach to the Harbor Light Walton Lighthouse, went on the rides and played air hockey in the Boardwalk, and ate dinner at The Saturn restaurant. After the visit, I realized Santa Cruz is really close to San Jose. I gotta visit Santa Cruz more often XD

Washington Canada Trip Seattle Photo

After visiting Canada, we drove back to Washington. My friend took me to visit Seattle. It was my first visit in Seattle. The picture is me in front of the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. The workers didn't throw fish around at the time of visit. Pike Place was really busy with lots of customers and vendors. Earlier in the day, we visited the Space Needle.

Washington Canada Trip BCFerries Photo

To travel from Victoria to Vancouver, my friend and I took a ferry. We parked my friend's car on the ferry's bottom floors and then we rode the ferry on the top floors. The ferry included a gift shop, arcade, cafeteria, restaurant, play areas for kids, and much more. It was like a mini cruse. The total trip was approximately one hour and a half.

Washington Canada Trip Canada Photo

My first visit outside the United States was Canada in August 2005. My friend and I stayed in British Columbia for two days. The first day was in Victoria. The second day was in Vancouver. It rained on both days. The picture is me in front of the Legislative Buildings in Victoria.

Family Reunion Summer 2005

Group family shot of my Dad's side family visiting from various cities Southern California at my Grandmother's house. The cousins and I watched anime, played the card game Family Business, poker, and video games. Everyone else were talking and sharing stories. Activities we did outside include going out for lunch and dinner and shopping at Valley Fair Mall. And the weather was really warm I sweated most of the time *wipes sweat*

My Sister Graduates College

My sister graduated from U.C. Davis. Here is a family picture taken outside the gym where the graduating ceremony took place in June 2005.

Binion's Horseshoe Along Fremont Street

My friend and I took some time to visit Binion's Horseshoe casino in Downtown Las Vegas along Fremont Street. The old fashion casino hosted the World Series of Poker. I started watching the World Series of Poker on ESPN last year and wanted to visit the casino. I played low limit Texas Hold 'Em.

Mini Las Vegas Trip

Here is a familiar picture. A friend and I went on a three day, two night trip to Las Vegas in December 2004. It was the first time I visited Las Vegas off season. There was no traffic, very little people along the strip, and the malls were empty such that it was easy to walk around. The weather was similar to San Jose.

Cool in Vegas?

Here is a picture I took myself at the Bellagio's walkway with Paris Las Vegas in the background. Weird weather in Vegas during the family vacation 2003. Early in the week, temperatures were in the 120 degrees. Later in the week, temperatures were in the 70 degrees and there was rain.

Hot, Hot Summer Vacation 2003

Two weddings to attend in Southern California within seven days. Include the Huntington Library, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon plus hot, hot weather and it's going to be one hot vacation. Did I mention "hot" too much?

The picture is the family in the Huntington Library. The temperatures reached the middle 90s.

Watching the Giants at Pacific Bell Park

Our family's first visit to Pacific Bell Park at China Basin in San Francisco on April 2002. The game was the San Francisco Giants versus the Florida Marlins. Barry Bonds hit Pacific Bell Park's Splash Hit number 19 and number 20 and career home run number 581 and number 582.

The Golden State Warriors at Courtside

A generous broker gave me two courtside tickets to the Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets at the Network Associates Coliseum on Friday December 28, 2001. The action was very close and different than watching basketball on TV.

San Diego Vacation 2001

My cousin got married in San Diego on August 2001. While in San Diego, my family made the wedding trip a family vacation. We visited the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. The picture shows myself in front of the giraffes eating their afternoon snack at the San Diego Zoo.

Car Problems on 101 in Santa Barbara

On the way to one of my cousins' wedding on November 2000, the van broke down along U.S. Highway 101 Southbound along the Santa Barbara coast between Santa Barbara and Ventura. Thanks to the California Highway Patrol, we got towed to a garage, the van was repaired, and we were on our way. Nice patrol car Mr. CHP without the vision light bar. Don't underestimate the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.

San Jose State University Graduation Class of 1997

My graduation ceremony at San Jose State University's Spartan Stadium on May 1998. The ceremony went smoothly and every graduate left smiling.

The picture on the left is my family, my uncle's family from Alameda, and my grandfather. I thank them for attending the ceremony and their support and encouragement throughout my college life.

The Grand Vacation

The Summer 1997 vacation took place in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has many viewpoints and trails. Bring plenty of water and wear proper shoes.

Las Vegas is another great vacation spot for the family. Keep the gambling temptation in check.

I Made it to the Top

Another Summer 1995 vacation spot was Yosemite National Park in California. My family hiked Vernal Falls and another mountain seeing Half Dome. We did many things at Yosemite including exploring and watching featured films. We stayed in a cabin. The daytime temperatures reached the high 90s all the stores were short on ice everyday.

The picture is me on top of a big rock and Half Dome is the background.

Disneyland Vacation

On Summer 1995, my family and I went to many places. One place was Disneyland during Memorial Day Weekend. Disneyland was packed because the Indian Jones Adventure ride opened.

I visited Disneyland on 1980, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1994, and 1995.

Watching the Giants at Candlestick Park

The San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park on Summer 1991. I brought everything to the game including my walkman and my glove. I never caught a foul ball. Remember SportsChannel?

The Ultimate Playground

The photo album begins on 1978. One place I liked to visit was the McDonalds Playland located at Homestead Road and Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara. I liked the french fries and the free toy when purchasing a Happy Meal.

The picture on the left is my brother (right) and I in front of Ronald McDonald. The Playland consisted of many rides including the Grimace vibrating cage, the Fry Guys swings, the hamburger cop tree, and the cheeseburger "circular turn style" (background middle left).

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