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Anime Portals, CD and DVD information, current events, on-line stores, cels, and companies.

eCommerce Books, CDs and DVDs, comparsion shopping sites, consumer information, on-line coupons, emergency kits, games, tactical, travel, vacation, video games, and more.

Economics and Government Statistics Economic publications, Federal Government statistics and departments, chamber of commerce, California Government, and more.

Entertainment TV, movies, comics, music, favorite places to visit, video games, and more.

Family and Friends My family and friends.

Information Aerial photos, cars, maps, mathematics, media, medical, phone book, reference, TV and radio stations, and more.

Jobs and Careers Job listings, resources, career trends, support, advancement, and more.

Miscellaneous My favorite web sites which doesn't belong to the main catagories.

Real Estate Property search, information, research, organizations, and more in the commercial real estate.

Research Business and company research resources, business media publications, and research sources in government.

Search Engine Find a search engine.

Stocks and Finance Financial education, stocks, bonds, and current events.

Technology Everything related to technology. Portals, information, tech media, laptops, digital cameras, downloads, web developers, tutorials, and a heck of a lot more.

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