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Update January 1, 2015:

Happy New Year!

Top 40 Most Memorable Moments. I uploaded my top 40 moments in my life. Click Top Ten to read the moments.

Black Friday 2014. I purchased a LED flashlight combo pack, bare necessities at a drug store using a 30% off coupon, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Gravity in BD combo pack, and a Chromecast. I purchased Ascension on Google Play. Before Black Friday, I purchased the Logitech Pro Webcam C920. I plan to create video blogs and communicate with friends and family.

Breaking Bad. I finished watching Breaking Bad. Excellent series. Watch the series. I'm not saying anything specific because I don't want to say any spoilers. One of the subplots is the drug world including drug intervention, family breakdown, and law enforcement. Three nightly marathons were worth my time.

New Job. I got a new job as a Data Entry Specialist at Palo Alto Networks. My first day was Monday November 3, 2014. I believe reviewing my Excel, Access, and MySQL helped me get the job. I also self-taught myself Python reading Python For Kids by Jason Briggs and learning at Code Academy. I continue my job skills reviewing and learning after I finish my non-career related personal projects. I add data analysis and Powerpoint.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning the 2014 World Series.

New restaurants I ate for the first time: Mexicali Grill, Faultline Brewing Company, Ming Tasty, Pizz'a Chicago, Thai Orchid, Ramen Seas, The Garrett, House Of Bagels, Lou's Coffee Shop, Shalala, Top This Pizza Co., Siam Fine Thai Cusine, Sancho's Taqueria, Ramen Tenma, Little Mae's House Of Chicken & Waffle, Happy Hound Restaurant, and Roam Artisan Burgers.

Movies I watched: The World's End, Gravity, Sleeping Beauty, Open Range, Juice, South Central, The Wolverine, Now You See Me, Wall-E, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Alice In Wonderland, Frozen, Good Will Hunting, and Just You And Me Kid. Gravity and Good Will Hunting are added to my all-time favorite movie list.

I finished reading the following books:

  • Up In The Air by Walter Kirn
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • The Fermata by Nicholson Baker
  • Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

Anime Retirement. I officially announced my retirement on July 2014. My last anime series I completed was Space Brothers. My last anime CD was the Space Brothers Complete Best soundtrack. My second to last anime series was Saki The Nationals. I continue to watch anime on a low priority beginning with unopened box sets. All of the anime I own are going to be watched.

Quell Trilogy. I finished playing Quell Memento which is the third in the Quell Trilogy. I never used Super Rewind which is a purchasable option to undo up to 5 moves. The other two Quell games are Quell and Quell Reflect.

Kickstarter Projects. I backed Playbulb Rainbow Color LED light bulb, LuMini Bluetooth smart light bulb and Tuscany with Viticulture board games.

Podcasts. I purchased a car cassette adapter to listen to anything on my smart phone. I have been listening to podcasts using the Stitcher app. The afternoon commute is less stressful.

Update January 30, 2014:

I Found A Job. I'm a Data Entry/Bookkeeper at Artisan Wine Depot. The retail start-up sells wine, beer, and sake at discount prices. Nov 20, 2013 was my first day. I drank my first glass of wine and my first alcoholic beverage in my entire life on my second day on the job.

I want to thank the South Bay Job Search Network group that gave me advice and information to improve my job search. Their resources and networking helped me continued my job searching with more confidence and more strength. The group gave me faith. The results were immediate. I consolidated my lists of jobs I applied. I spent more time learning new job skills such as Salesforce and reviewing my existing job skills such as Excel and SQL. I upgraded my resume and corrected mistakes. Phone calls tripled and emails doubled. I interviewed person to person three times and interviewed by phone twice. And I signed up for unemployed services at the Employment Development Department-Nova in Sunnyvale, CA.

HTC One. I purchased a new smart phone. My Droid X2 caused too many problems such as short battery life and losing GPS. I ran Ice Cream Sandwich for which I rooted. Some of the apps stopped working. I'm looking forward to receive Kit Kat.

Board Games. I played Dixit for the first time. It was the second version Odyssey. I won my first Master's Gallery card game. And the Machine Of Death card game arrived earlier in the month.

New Restaurants. The following are new restaurants I ate for the first time:

  • ToBang Korean Restaurant in Santa Clara, CA
  • The Habit Burger & Grill in Pleasanton, CA
  • Dish n Dash Mediterranean Restaurant in Sunnyvale
  • Mil's Restaurant Diner in Milpitas, CA
  • Pieology Pizzeria in San Jose, CA
  • Izumiya in San Francisco, CA (I ate Okonomi Yaki for the first time.)
  • Gyu-Kaku in Cupertino, CA
  • Ringer Hut in San Jose
  • Harry Hofbrau in San Jose

Gym Workouts. Staying physically active is important for a human being. We have elbows and knees. Use them. I purchased a new pair of Under Armor shorts and a shirt. I listen to hip hop music when I lift weights. And I bike on the Life Cycle instead of the standard upright stationary bike. I work out on the elliptical for a light aerobic workout.

Hiking also counts as physical activity. I hiked at the Sanborn Trail in Saratoga, CA, Skyline Trail in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, CA, and Villa Montalvo County Park in Saratoga. I hiked at Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco both for the second time. We departed to and from Angel Island in Tiburon, CA.

Anime. I mentioned in my November 3, 2013 update I'm retiring from anime. I finished Himawari no Shoujo, Shingeki No Kyojin, Service X Servant, and Sharin No Kuni. I continue to watch Space Brothers. I'm watching Saki: The Nationals in the Winter '14 season.

Movies. I watched After Earth we borrowed from my uncle. I also brought back the Saturday Night Movie when I attended De Anza. The movies I watched were Dead Presidents, Gleaming The Cube, Welcome To The Dollhouse, Foul Play, Gone In 60 Seconds (1974), and (500) Days Of Summer. The latest movie my sister and her fiance rented for everyone to watch was The Heat during the Christmas holiday.

Books. I finished reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

I joined a group of friends to play Escape From The Mysterious Room located a block away from Japantown in San Francisco. A group of people are locked in a room. They have 60 minutes to escape a room that contains clues, riddles, and puzzles. We failed. The organizer helped us solved the final puzzles to unlock the door. We were so close to escape.

My Black Friday 2013. I purchased Breaking Bad Seasons 3-5 on DVD, Charlie Brown Holiday Hits on CD, Dragon Shields transparent counters in ruby red color, an air filter and five quarts of motor oil for my car, a pair of shoes, a red CLF light bulb, and The Simpsons Season 10 on DVD.

Cirque du Soleil-Amaluna. The owner closed the store early and treated the workers to watch Amaluna at the Taylor Street Bridge. My favorites were the performance, choreography, and costumes.

Finally, the updates:

  • Family Photos Added a picture visiting Angel Island for the second time and defending the goal at an indoor soccer facility.
  • Police Car Photos Added a picture of the California State Parks when I visited Angel Island.
  • About Me The latest me reflecting my recent changes .

Update November 3, 2013:

Announcement. I'm officially retiring from the Japanese Anime hobby. I have two more series to finish. I elaborate more details in the next update. Arigato!

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  • Lawyer Ball. The art of playing the rules instead of playing the game. For example, work a walk in a slow-pitch softball. Swing the bat, you weakling!
  • Double click Format Painter to format multiple and different cells. You remain in format painting mode instead of clicking FP many times.
  • Trouble sleeping? Vacuum your room. Remove the dust. Blow your nose to clear your nostrils.
  • I like looking at illusions. Look at a common illusion.
  • Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, stated Springfield, Oregon is the state. He was inspired from the television show Father Knows Best.
  • Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element.
  • Sirius is the name of the brightest star.
  • C major and A minor can be played with all white keys on a piano.
  • Pineapple Express is atmospheric moisture and precipitation from Hawaii to the Pacific of North America--an atmospheric river.
  • A peptic or gastric ulcer is holes in the upper part of the small intestine come in contact with stomach acids and enzymes.
  • Boba milk tea is a drink based in Taiwan. "Bubble" derived from Chinese meaning boba as "large", slang for tapioca balls.
  • A buck is the male of some animals with antlers such as deer and reindeer.
  • Kukla, Fran, and Ollie was a TV show aired 1947-1957 using puppets for children. Show became popular with adults.
  • The programming language Python is named after Monty Python's Flying Circus TV show.
  • Oscar Wilde was given two years hard labor for homosexuality.
  • WD-40. The letters W and D in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement. The solvent prevents rust, displaces water, acts as a degreaser, and removes bubblegum from hair. The number 40 means researchers successfully developed the formula on the 40th attempt.
  • Prague is located in the Czech Republic.
  • Head Over Heels. A term to describe the feeling of falling in love.
  • RNB can mean "roundabout" used for giving directions.

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