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My Cosplay

The page is divided into four sections:
My Cosplay Introducing my cosplays.
My Cosplay In Action Pictures of my cosplaying at anime cons and cosplay events.
My Cosplay Experience Four questions and answers.
My Cosplay Tips and Information Sharing what I learned.

My Cosplay

Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.  Picture taken at Nor Cal Cosplay Picnic.  Photo Credit:  Kimu  (134k)
Edward Elric
Character Edward Elric
Series Full Metal Alchemist
Debuted JapanTown Anime Faire 2 (JTAF2) in San Francisco, California, September 2004
Photo Northern California Cosplay Picnic at Treasure Island in San Francisco, California, June 2008. The wind cooperated with me for the pic. Photo Credit: Kimu.
Comments Edward Elric is my signature cosplay. Most people recognize me as Edward Elric. Organizer for FMA gatherings at Fanime 2006 (post gathering), Fanime 2007, and Fanime 2008.
Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles.  Picture taken at Fanime Con 2008.  Photo Credit:  Kimu  (82k)
Character Syaoran
Series Tsubasa Chronicles
Debuted JapanTown Anime Faire 3 (JTAF3) in San Francisco, California, December 2005
Photo Fanime Con 2008 CLAMP Gathering. Photo Credit: Kimu.
Comments Syaoran cosplay completed just in time for the CLAMP Panel at Anime Expo 2006. CLAMP gatherings have been consistently great turnouts and I met the most new people.
Toushiro Hitsugaya from Bleach.  Picture taken at Fanime Con 2008.  (107k)
Toushiro Hitsugaya
Character Toushiro Hitsugaya
Series Bleach
Debuted JapanTown Anime Faire 4 (JTAF4) in San Francisco, California, September 2006
Photo Fanime Con 2008 Before Bleach Gathering
Comments I met a Matsumoto cosplayer at Fanime Con 2008. She and I hung out the afternoon and both of us received the most photo requests ever in one day. I have been receiving positive feedback I'm a great Hitsugaya. Thank you hellangel for the commission sword.
Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.  Picture taken at Fanime Con 2008.  (105k)
Chrono Harlaown
Character Chrono Harlaown
Series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Debuted Fanime Con 2008 in San Jose, California, May 2008
Photo Fanime Con 2008 Day One
Comments Chrono cosplay completed by my mom and I. She taught me sewing. Cosplay finished two weeks before Fanime'08.
Haku from Spirited Away.  Picture taken at Fanime Con 2009.  (223k)
Character Haku
Series Spirited Away
Debuted Fanime Con 2009 in San Jose, California, May 2009
Photo Fanime Con 2009 Day Four
Comments I wanted to cosplay Haku for a long time. The time between dropping Japanese at De Anza and Fanime was seven weeks. My mom and I worked on the Haku cosplay every free time. Haku was finished one week before Fanime.
Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach.  Picture taken at Nor Cal Summer Cosplay 2009.  Photo credit:  M. Tang  (90k)
Ikkaku Madarame
Character Ikkaku Madarame
Series Bleach
Debuted Nor Cal Summer Cosplay Gathering San Jose, California, August 2009
Photo Nor Cal Summer Cosplaying Gathering
Comments I sweat really easy. I took advantage of my buzz cut and my Hitsugaya character to cosplay Ikkaku. My Ikkaku cosplay is my second coolest cosplay in terms of heat. It's my first time wearing face paint and my first time shaving my head entirely. I cosplay Ikkaku when the temperature is really, really hot. Photo credit: M. Tang.
Allen Walker from D. Gray Man
Allen Walker
Character Allen Walker
Series D. Gray Man
Debuted Fanime Con 2010 in San Jose, California May 2012
Photo Fanime Con 2010 Day 1
Comments I like cosplaying good guys. Allen Walker is another example. I have a cosplay for winter cons or gatherings XD The red face paint from my Ikkaku cosplay comes in handy ;)

I want to thank my mom for making the cosplay =)

Medic from Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Character Medic
Series Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Debuted Fanime Con 2011 in San Jose, California May 2012
Photo Anime Expo 2011 Day 2
Comments Medic from TF2 is my first video game cosplay. Medic is my favorite character such that I score lots of points playing him. My first Valve and video game gathering was fantastic.

I want to thank my mom as always for making the cosplay and my dad for making the bone saw ^__^

My Cosplay In Action

Red Medics Ready To Heal And Battle.
1. Medics Delivering Organs To The Team
Red Medics Are Handsome.
2. Support Healing And Offensive Killing
CLAMP First Group Shot.
3. Inside The Fairmont Hotel
Allen Walker Group Shot.
4. Good Guys?
Allen Walker comforting and cheering up Miranda Lotto.
5. You Did A Good Job, Miranda

2013 Fanime Con

  1. Archimedes was with us. I brought back my Red Medic cosplay since Anime Expo 2011. Thank you to the Left4Dead cosplayer and another TF2 cosplayer for the props. Photo credit: Greg Edwards.
  2. Red Medics!!! A closer pic of the Red Medics. I felt comfortable another Red Medic attended the Valve gathering. Lol, the organ bag was playing music during our turn. It was the Left4Dead's phone. Photo credit: Metasheep.
  3. A different location. The continued expansion and renovation at the San Jose Convention Center convinced the CLAMP organizer to gather somewhere else. She chose an elegant location indoors avoiding the sun. The turnout was pretty good despite gathering outside the convention center.
  4. Organizing The D. Gray Man Gathering. I was the official D. Gray Man organizer. I was happy for a higher than expected turnout despite scheduling confusions with Fanime main events. I talked to a few other cosplay organizers who were pressured to speed up their gatherings because of main events and other gatherings that needed the gathering location. I did the best I could.
  5. Miranda is my second favorite character. I finally got a pic of me with a Miranda cosplayer. I attended Fanime 2013 for three days instead of four days. It was a good call because the first day was a disaster with major registration problems.

My Syaoran cosplay at the CLAMP gathering.  Tsubasa Chronicles group shot.
1. Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot
Tsubasa Chronicles cosplayers reacting to the ending.
Final group shot with all the CLAMP cosplayers.
3. Smile And Be Happy
Tia Halibel vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya.
4. Halibel vs. Hitsugaya
 Tia Halibel vs. Toshiro Hitsugaya close up shot.
5. Swords Clash
10th Division Group Shot.
6. The 10th Division Cosplayers
Matsumoto wasting time doing her makeup at the park.
7. Matsumoto!!!
Matsumoto yelling to Hitsugaya.
8. Do It Again!!!
Hitsugaya poses with a water fountain background.
9. My Cosplay Shot With Water Fountains
Hitsugaya's signature pose.
10. I'm Shiro-chan, I Mean Taichou Hitsugaya
My Allen Walker cosplay with the other Allen Walker cosplayers at the D. Gray Man gathering.
11. Look At All The Allens
Allen and Lenlee Lee Version 1 cosplayers pose.
12. The Version 1
Allen Walker plays Mahjong (Riichi) in Tabletop Gaming.
13. Allen Plays Mahjong, Too
Haku spreads his magic on the rat Rakushun from Twelve Kingdoms.
14. Haku Attacks The Rat
Haku transformed the rat into a dog.
15. Rat Is Now A Dog
Haku serves Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle.
16. Haku Serving The Customers
 Haku serving Sophie's tuna salad sandwich.
17. I'm Such A Playboy
Haku completes the service and asks Sophie if there is anything else.
18. Enjoy Your Lunch, My Lady

2012 Fanime Con

  1. More Tsubasa Chronicles Cosplayers. My first cosplay gathering in Fanime '12 was the CLAMP gathering. We had at least double the turnout this year compared to last year. Here is the Tsubasa Chronicles group shot.
  2. Are You Seeing This CLAMP? The CLAMP gathering organizer asked us to show our feelings for the Tsubasa Chronicles ending. *sigh*
  3. A Good Start For Fanime. Day 2 and Day 3 are usually the most active days at a four day anime con. The CLAMP gathering was a good start for many of us. We expressed our joy in a funny sort of way.
  4. Let's Battle It Out. I finally got a battle shot with the Espada Tia Halibel. I missed the Halibel cosplayer last year. My priority was to get a battle pic this year.
  5. Combat Eye Contact With Halibel. My focus was on the battle. My eyes were looking at her eyes, not her chest. I didn't see the number 3 on her right breast p:> Kubo has something with Shiro-chan and big breasted women.
  6. Meet The 10th Division. Another miss at Fanime '11 was I didn't join the 10th division group shot. I made sure I was with my fellow Hitsugayas and Matsumotos.
  7. Why Do You Always Slack Off? The Bleach post gathering gag shots included Matsumoto taking it too easy off in front of Hitsugaya. Stop being lazy and get back to work!
  8. Taichou, You're Doing It Wrong. The gag shots continued with the garbage scene in the Shinigami Gold. Matsumoto yelling at Shiro-chan for cleaning up Orihime's apartment incorrectly.
  9. Substitute Water Fountain. The San Jose Convention Center is undergoing renovations and expansion. All of the cosplayers were disappointed the outdoor water fountains were removed. Two friends and I walked to the Center For Performing Arts' water fountains for more pics.
  10. I'm So Cool. My 10th Fanime highlight pic is conveniently Hitsugaya's signature pose. The Bleach gathering was good and fun.
  11. The Allen Walker Group Shot. I missed the Fanime '11 D. Gray Man cosplay gathering. I didn't want to miss this year's gathering, and there could not have been a gathering. The past organizer didn't organize it because she wasn't sure she could attend. She did. It was a group organized effort. Fun gathering and lots of great pics.
  12. The Originals. The D. Gray Man gathering continued. I posed with two other cosplayers for the version 1 exorcist uniforms.
  13. I Play Mahjong (Riichi). Allen Walker excels at any game involving money. I played the Japanese version of Mahjong (Riichi) in Tabletop Gaming on Day 3 evening. I won first place twice in the two games I played that night.
  14. Haku Is The Pest Exterminator. Yubaba assigned me another responsibility. Kill the rodents in her bath house. I found a rat who happened to be Rakushun from Twelve Kingdoms. Look at my hand. There's no escape.
  15. A Job Well Done. I turned the rat into a dog. The dog running around made the customers happy. I believe the dog is a hanjyuu also from Twelve Kingdoms.
  16. Haku Is A Waiter. Studio Ghibli cosplayers have the ability to make a cosplay pic scene anywhere and anytime. My group and I were eating lunch. We saw another group of cosplayers enter the restaurant. One of them was Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle.
  17. Always Impressing The Women. Miyazaki has a way of creating male lead characters as playboys. Sophie was so happy I served her lunch. I made people very comfortable when they're with me.
  18. Your Smile Is My Payment. A gentleman never asks a lady for cash payment. I hope I acted well in character for the Sophie cosplayer to end her Fanime '12 on a high note. Her daughter emailed me saying she was happy we did those shots. Age is just a number. You're never too old to cosplay.

Allen Walker holding four aces for his winning poker hand.
1. I'm All In
Allen mediating  on a rock in the pond.
2. Don't Stress Out From General Cross and Kanda
Black and white shot outside the tea house.
3. Black And White Pic For A Black And White Uniform
I'm on a rock next to a stream.
4. Allen Walker In Black And White
Left side shot of my at the park's arena.
5. My Serious Left Side Shot
I pose with a waterfall background.
6. More Shots With Water
Allen Walker battles Hinata Hyuga on the bridge.
7. D. Gray Man vs. Naruto
I'm on the bridge as the afternoon ends.
8. I Won!

2012 Nor Cal Spring Gathering

  1. Allen Walker Returns To The Gathering. It has been an annual tradition since the Nor Cal Cosplay gatherings started in the spring time. I choose to cosplay Allen Walker for the 2012 Spring Gathering at Kelly Park and the Japanese Gardens. I had fun last year I might as well cosplay him again. I took more pics of my cosplay inside the Japanese Gardens. Enjoy the rest!
  2. Peace And Serenity. A good shot of me at the north end of the garden where there is a pond. I mediated better than you, Kanda. I asked myself what do I want to eat for dinner lol. Oh, all the cosplayers were asked questions of our cosplays inside the garden.
  3. I Want This For My Backyard. There is a Japanese Tea House inside the gardens. Cherry Blossom trees surround most of the house. Another good pic of me on the deck, and it's black and white.
  4. My Actor Portfolio Pose. I can use this pic when I audition for circus gigs or maybe the Black Order play. No romance scenes with Lenalee or gay scenes with Kanda. Okay, terrible jokes :p The stream sounded nice.
  5. I Got 'Em Another Akuma is exorcised. Allen is dependable I see you soon. My bad-ass, no worries pose.
  6. The Waterfall Pic. The Japanese Gardens has a small waterfall. Water is very peaceful. There are many beautiful parts of the gardens. Every cosplayer has the opportunity to take a pic inside.
  7. My Akuma Weapon Ready To Go. Ninjas vs. Exorcists. A battle pose with Hinata Hyuga from Naruto cosplayer. My left eye can also see ninja stars and I can form a sword. Yeah, I'm going to win.
  8. Hyuga Is Defeated. It was an easy victory. I reminisced the battle on the bridge looking out at the world from above. The world is in peace as long as the Black Order serves our duty to protect the people.

Haku, No Face, and Chihiro together.
1. All Three Of Us Together
Porco Rosso and I battle each other.
2. Porco Rosso On The Left And Haku On The Right
Howl's Moving Castle's Sophie and Howl and I.
3. Sophie, Howl, And Haku
Red Medics at the Valve gathering.
4. Red Medics To Support And Fight
My Edward Elric cosplay at the Fullmetal Alchemist group shot.
5. Edward Elric At The FMA Gathering
Another Fullmetal Alchemist group shot with myself in the shop.
6. Another Good FMA Gathering

2011 Anime Expo

  1. We were complete. I saw the No Face and Chihiro cosplayers at AX'10, and I missed them in my Haku cosplay. This year I cosplayed Haku on day 1 and Chrono Harlaown on day 4. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of my Chrono cosplay. I'm happy we got a shot of all three of us this year.
  2. Hey, a Porco cosplayer. My first pic with a Porco cosplayer. Who's magic is better?
  3. Hey, cosplayers from Howl's Moving Castle. I saw many Miyazaki cosplayers in AX'11-more than AX'09 and AX'10. We should have organized a Miyazaki gathering.
  4. Medic!!! Four Red Medics ready to go. We're ready to support the Blue team from pushing the bomb. Let's hope we heal good shooters.
  5. FMA forever. The AX FMA gatherings have been one of my favorites activities and the best FMA gatherings I attended. It's sad there is little FMA fandom in Nor Cal.
  6. The Miku concert later in the day. Immediately after the FMA gathering was the Miku concert, the top event at AX'11. The Nokia Center was full to capacity.

Medic poses with Heavy.
1. Medic And Heavy Combo
Tsubasa Chronicles group shot.
2. Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot
The Syaorans are finding Sakura.
3. Where's Sakura?
All CLAMP group shot on day 2.
4. Day 2 CLAMP Group Shot
Hitsugaya not happy with Minazuki on top of me.
5. Minazuki, I'm Ignoring You
Hitsugaya shakes hands with Gin.
6. Gin, You're A Good Guy After All
The Red Medics vs. Blue Medics.
7. My First Valve Gathering
General Cross and I inside the Fairmont Hotel.
8. I'm Happy I'm Inside The Fairmont
Allen's Reaction to General Cross' orders.
9. Allen, Go To The Bar And...
D. Gray Man Group Shot inside the game room.
10. The Last Evening At Fanime
A day after beard Allen Walker and a cheerful Allen Walker.
11. Always Smiling
Day 4 D. Gray Man casual group shot with my friends inside the Hyatt.
12. The Exorcists' Relaxing Room

2011 Fanime Con

  1. Debuting Medic from TF2. My first video game cosplay. I found a (petit) Heavy cosplayer with a Russian accent. If she was faking it, she did a good job. Let me uber you and we defend the point.
  2. There is always CLAMP. The CLAMP gathering was split into Sat and Sun. I attended the Sat gathering. The five of us represented Tsubasa Chronicles. Another CLAMP cosplayer joined us later.
  3. No Sakura. The Syaoran cosplayers were looking for a Sakura cosplayer. She might be lost. She was no where in sight. *worries*
  4. We were happy. The group shot for the Sat CLAMP gathering. We had fun and we had good pics of the gathering. I felt sorry for the Sun CLAMP gathering.
  5. I took my vitamins. Minazuki hovered on top of me for no reason. I'm too old to be cuddled by a stuffed animal. The vitamins I took were adult vitamins, not Flintstones for kids.
  6. No hard feelings. Hey, Gin. Let the past be the past. You're a good captain after all. You fooled even the genius
  7. Go Red team. My first Valve gathering and my first video game gathering. The Valve organizer did a fantastic job keeping the gathering fun and exciting. It was one of my highlights at Fanime '11.
  8. Allen Walker and General Cross ready to go. Allen and the General inside the Fairmont, a high class hotel in Downtown San Jose. I was so happy to be here.
  9. Don't worry, you always win back money. General Cross asked me to get drinks at the Fairmont Hotel's bar. And he didn't give me the money. Damn you.
  10. Inside the game room. A few friends and I spent the late, late evening inside the game room. Here's a pic of us in our D. Gray Man cosplays.
  11. Allen is reliable. This Allen Walker couldn't shave last night. He slept with his uniform on. He was half awake throughout the morning. And all he did was touch up his red star. It was a highlight on the last day of Fanime to see a casual Allen Walker and Timcanpy.
  12. So tired. The D. Gray Man cosplayers and friends were tired. Here we were inside the Hyatt lobby chilling out.

Syaoran Ready To Protect Sakura
1. Ready To Protect
Syaoran Under The Cherry Blossoms.
2. In Peace With The Cherry Blossoms

2011 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. The only Tsubasa Chronicles cosplayer. Tsubasa Chronicles has been losing popularity and interest naturally. I continue to rep the series. There were four CLAMP cosplayers at the festival. I choose to take it easy this year wearing my simple cosplay. For some reason, I was asked for a picture from three photographers. I didn't expect that. I just wanted to show up, walk the parade, and spend time with my friends.
  2. A half beautiful shot. Sakura was missing in Japantown. I missed her in the shot. The weather significantly cooled and the fog rolled in as the afternoon ended. The sunscreen worked since I never got sunburn. My face sure looks different lol.

Allen Walker on a bridge.
1. Allen Enjoying Nature
Edward's alchemy fork.
2. Yes, I'm Cross, Thanks For The Ride

2011 Nor Cal Spring Gathering

  1. It's a happy day today. The 2011 Spring Gathering took place at Kelly Park in San Jose. Most of us went to the Japanese Garden for cosplay pics. One of my pics was at the big bridge. There was a funny moment. I waited for my friends at one of the main gates outside the main road. A group of children thought I was a police officer.
  2. Let's go back to headquarters with style. The Japanese Garden is popular for weddings and proms because of the beautiful garden for picture background. The limos in the parking lot were perfect for the gag shot as Allen Walker takes General Cross' limo back to headquarters. Don't worry. I drink the bottle water only inside the limo.

Kittan Bachika, Link, And I Ready For Xmas Fun.
1. Daylight At The Winter Gathering
Hitsugaya Eats His Dragon Roll Sushi.
2. My Traditional Gathering Sushi Dinner
Shiro-ChanAnd Mini Shiro-Chan
3. I Dislike Mini Shiro-Chan
Christmas Nel And Hitsugaya.
4. Meet Xmas Nel
Hitsugaya In Front Of The Con At Night With The Spotlight.
5. No Special Effects Here
The Spotlights Are For Hitsugaya.
6. Ladies And Gentlemen, Toushiro Hitsugaya
Shiro-Chan In Front Of The Downtown Ice Sigh
7. Shiro-Chan Eager To Skate
Shiro-Chan and Kittan In Front Of The Rink With My Skates
8. Kittan Supporting Me
Link and Kimu's Xmas Cosplay Giving Me Gifts
9. *grumble, grumble* I'm Not A Kid
Link And Kimu's Xmas Cosplay Are All Smiles With Me
10. It's All Smiles At The End
Shiro-Chan's Bankai Decorates The Entire Christmas In The Park.  The Snow Machine Generated Soap Flakes.
11. Bankai!
Hitsugaya's Bankai With His Candy Cane Zanpaku In Front Of LED Reindeer and Christmas Trees
12. Bankai Again
Hitsugaya In Front Of Those Christmas LED Lights That Are Fantastic
13. I Love LEDs
Shiro-Chan In The Skating Seating Rink Preparing To Skate
14. Shiro-Chan Puts On Skates
Shiro-Chan Skates
15. Shiro-Chan Being A Kid
Shiro-Chan Poses On The Ice Rink
16. Leather Jacket Removed
Shiro-Chan Skating So Fast
17. Slow Down
Shiro-Chan Shows His Wet Haori
18. Shiro-Chan Falls Down Hard *cries*
Kittan Wears My Wet Haori
19. Kittan Cheers Me Up *smiles*

2010 Nor Cal Winter Gathering

  1. Let's Take A Break And Have Fun. My group was the late comers. We take a break from our schoolwork and full time jobs to have fun. I'm at the center cosplaying Toushiro Hitsugaya. Kittan Bachika is on my right and Link is on my left. Photo credit: Kimu.
  2. Yummy Dragon Roll. I always order the dragon roll sushi at our traditional Japanese restaurant. Some of us went to eat Japanese of course. We were lucky we arrived minutes before the restaurant opened and we got the entire restaurant to ourselves. Photo credit: Kimu.
  3. You're Not Santa-San, Yet someone still brings a mini Shiro-chan. The cosplayer on the left brought a mini Hitsugaya because his friends cosplayed Bleach Xmas versions. Photo credit: Kimu.
  4. Meet Nel Xmas Version. One of the Bleach Xmas version cosplayer was a Nel. Nel is one of my favorite characters. We nailed our character's response when we pose for the pic. Photo credit: Kimu.
  5. Another Kimu Crack Funny Pic. My group walked to the front of the San Jose Convention Center for a crack pic. Here's me in front of the spotlights located a few feet from the front doors. The candy cane was a good prop. Photo credit: Kimu.
  6. The Spotlights Are For Shiro-Chan On Ice. There was spotlights on Market Street. I show off one of my ice skates spotlight my debut on ice, lol. I took ice skates for three months. Let's put the lessons to use. Photo credit: Kimu.
  7. Downtown On Ice. The ice rink was too busy and the ice rink was slushy. I choose to wait for the crowd to subside and the night temperature to lower. Photo credit: Kimu.
  8. Kittan Is My Manager. Kittan supported me as we pose in front the ice rink. Kittan really supported me later in the evening. Photo credit: Kimu.
  9. Christmas Gift Giving Time. Santa-san present or not, Kimu and I continued the tradition where Shiro-chan receives a gift and I act grumpy and confused. Link joined us in the gag shot. Photo credit: Kimu.
  10. Hitsugaya Smiling And Happy. In the end, Shiro-chan was happy and appreciated the gifts full of sincerity. Photo credit: Kimu.
  11. Christmas Bankai. Need snow in San Jose? No worries. Hitsugaya's bankai Hyorinmaru flew around the park dropping ice snow to everyone. Photo credit: Kimu.
  12. More Christmas Bankai Hitsugaya called Hyorinmaru to ice the reindeer and the Christmas trees behind me. Okay, it was really decorated figurines with LED lights. Photo credit: Kimu.
  13. I Love LED Lights. IRL, LED lights are sexy. I pose in front of the decorated figurines. Photo credit: Kimu.
  14. Minutes Away From My Debut. I pose in front of the seating area before I put on my ice skates. The person who took my pic with my camera asked if I was from a church group. I told her the truth about my cosplay. A church group wearing wigs?!?
  15. Shiro-Chan Skates. Yay, Shiro-chan skates in the rink. Photo credit: Kimu.
  16. It's Too Warm. The night was really warm. I sweat really easy I took off my leather jacket. The ice rink was really slushy. I should slow down.
  17. You're Not Slowing Down. I should have quit while I was ahead with the pics already taken and the ice rink getting worse. Photo credit: Kimu.
  18. Cosplayers Are Entitled To One Crying Moment. I fell down. I fell down backwards instead of forwards. As an unfortunate result, my haori got wet. Not good. I skated to my friends for an (un)memorable pic. Photo credit: Kimu.
  19. Kittan Cheers Me Up! I put my shoes on, walk out of the rink to my group and my friends, and shared my sad feelings. Seconds later, Ginryuu pops up wearing my soaked haori acting in Kittan character ^__^

Edward's alchemy blue sword.
1. Let's Battle Now
Edward's alchemy fork.
2. Food Fight With Utensils

2010 Halloween

  1. Upgrade from automail sword to light saber. The Winchester Mystery House Halloween cosplay gathering is back after a hiatus in 2009. I choose to cosplay Edward, a quick and easy cosplay to put on since I have two mid-terms on the following days. The gag crack shot is me alchemy my arm to form a light saber. There was a jedi cosplayer who brought her light saber. Picture Credit: Kimu.
  2. Downgrade from automail sword to fork. We walked to Chili's for dinner. Everyone was a good mood after seeing the San Francisco Giants take a 3-1 lead over the Texas Rangers. We all had a great time talking and laughing. Picture Credit: Kimu.

Roy Mustang, Winry, and Edward Elric Pose
1. Two Main Characters Exclude Roy
Sloth and Edward Elric
2. Are You My Mom?
The Same Roy, Winry, and I With Another Cosplayer
3. Special Guest
Fullmetal Alchemist Group Shot At The Gathering
4. Gathering Group Shot
Another Fullmetal Alchemist Group Shot
5. I'm Not Chibi!!
Pink Castle Cosplayers
6. Pink Castle Group Shot Get Together
Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot At CLAMP Gathering
7. AX's Tsubasa CLAMP Gathering
Card Captor Sakura Syaoran vs. Tsubasa Chronicles Syaoran
8. A Weird Gag Shot
Close Up Me Battling Card Captor Sakura Syaoran
9. Victory For TC Syaoran
Surrounded By Card Captor Sakura Sakuras
10. CCS Sakuras Rescue
Walking Back To Photographers Area
11. Duel Cosplay Roles
Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot In The Dealer's Room
12. Group Shot In Traveling Costumes
No Face and Haku In The Dealer's Room
13. A Friendly No Face
Haku Outside The Convention Center Doing His Magic
14. Doing His Magic Correctly ^__^

2010 Anime Expo

  1. Get Out Of Here, Roy. I met the first Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers in Day 2. The Roy, Winry, and I posed for a pic. My automail is in good condition, Winry ~:>
  2. Mom! Minutes later, I saw a Sloth cosplayer. She and I took a pic together.
  3. We Meet Again. The Roy and Winry cosplayers met in the dealer's room. There was a special guest cosplayer who wanted a pic with us three. Fullmetal Alchemist is a great, under appreciated series.
  4. The Fullmetal Alchemist gathering was one of the favorite events at Anime Expo. The two co-organizers have done an excellent job at AX and at other cons in SoCal.
  5. Edward's Everywhere. On the left and on the right, Edward is everywhere. Nobody messes with Edward. He kicks ass.
  6. Pink Castle. The pink castle took place at AX'09. Six of us walked around the con and we received lots of photo requests. We stopped at a booth that displayed a pink castle for pics. Our group is named Pink Castle.
  7. Back at CLAMP. The last time I went to an AX CLAMP gathering was 2007. CLAMP gatherings have been consistent great. The pic is the Tsubasa Chronicles Sakura and Syaoran cosplayers.
  8. I spoke too soon. Most of the CLAMP cosplayers enjoyed the gathering. I didn't. The organizers wanted a Card Captor Sakura Syaoran battling Tsubasa Chronicles Syaoran. Um, okay :p
  9. There were two Card Captor Sakura Syaorans. Easy victory for the Tsubasa Chronicles Syaorans.
  10. Standing Up For Her Man. Card Captor Sakura Sakuras battled back against Tsubasa Chronicles Syaorans.
  11. Standing Up For Her Man Again. The Tsubasa Chronicles Sakuras battled the Card Captor Sakura Sakuras. It was all fun in the end. I'm going back to photographer for the rest of the gathering.
  12. The Travelers. I saw a group of Tsubasa Chronicles cosplayers without Syaoran. We cosplayed our basic, traveling costumes.
  13. No Face. I spotted No Face in the dealer's room on day 4. I posed with him. Great job on the face XD
  14. I had a good time at AX'10. There were lots of internal problems. The bottom line is what you make out of the con that determines whether it's good or not.
My first pic cosplaying Allen Walker.
1. Welcome Allen Walker
Upper half body shot of Allen Walker.
2. Allen Walker Happy At Fanime
Body shot entire uniform.
3. Wearing The Exorcist Uniform With Honor
I'm posing next to Heavy from Team Fortress 2 (TF2).
4. He Is Human, Not An Akuma
Two Hitsugayas, and one is the chibi version.
5. I Meet My Mini Me
The 10th division.
6. 10th Division Front And Center
Santa-san skit with Kimu and myself.
7. The Traditional Santa-san Skit
Santa-san shows the gift from the stocking.
8. That's Me!!!
Santa-san shows the gift and I hold the stocking.
9. Look How Cute You Are
Santa-san really shows the gift up my face.
10. See Shiro-chan, It Has White Hair
Height check.  Santa-san confirms the height ratio is correct.
11. Amazing The Height Ratio Is Correct
Happy, funny Santa-san succeeds again.
12. Lighten Up, Shiro-chan
Another Matsumoto cosplayer cooling off from Hitsugaya fanning her.
13. No Hyorinmaru
Popular cosplayer Audioventchick and I pose.
14. I Remember You
Hitsugaya and Nel pose.
15. Two Popular Characters
Hitsugaya ready to grow up drinking beer?
16. It's Really Good Beer
Allen Walker and Master Cross.
17. Yes, Master
Syaoran provides shade for Fai.
18. Private Moment For Fai
Syaorans fighting for Sakura.
19. That's My Sakura
Group shot Sakura and Syaoran Tsubasa Chronicle version.
20. Group Shot Sakura and Syaoran TC Version
A Sakura cosplayer and myself holding her feather.
21. Sakura's Memories In That Feather
Last day of the con I got a pic with a Sakura cosplayer in the dealer's room.
22. I'm Here To Protect You

2010 Fanime Con

  1. Meet Allen Walker. I debut Allen Walker from D. Gray Man. He is the main character in the series. Very powerful. I like left handed people.
  2. The Best Exorcist. My character battles demons or Akuma. One problem was the makeup. I sweat too much and the red star is ruined hours after I applied it.
  3. Version One Uniform. My Black Order exorcist uniform is version one in the series.
  4. My favorite character in Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is Heavy. I like to pose with a Heavy cosplayer. I assure he's a human being.
  5. Now That's A Hitsugaya! I saw a chibi Hitsugaya before the gathering began. He had the height for Hitsugaya. Way to rep him well p:>
  6. This Is Not The 10th Division. Matsumoto stop being lazy and represent the 10th division with honor. Hey, why am I cooling you off? And stop drinking.
  7. The Santa-san Skit. The tradition continues with the Santa-san skit at the Bleach gatherings or when Kimu and cosplay our Bleach characters at cosplay gatherings.
  8. And the gift is . . . a mini version of you, Shiro-chan!!!
  9. So Cute. So kawaii. Yeah, cute. Why do you keep doing this, Ukitake?!?
  10. See, take a close look at yourself. Get that thing away from me. Ahh, Shiro-chan, how can you say that to yourself.
  11. The Detail Is Fantastic. And so is the height ratio. You're short. Um, excuse me, I'm not cosplaying Edward Elric.
  12. Why Does Everything Happen To Me? Shiro-chan, your a good sport and a good guy. BTW, I gave Shiro-chan dolls to all the captains and vice-captains, lmao. You did what, Ukitake?!?!?
  13. Captain, You're A Nice Guy. Matsumoto is hot her captain is cooling her off. It should be the other way around. Matsumoto makes me mad I get hot.
  14. Welcome Back. A popular cosplayer returns to Fanime after three years.
  15. Yes, Hitsugaya And Nel Pic. Last year, fullmetalraven and I missed a pic of our Bleach cosplayers. We got it this year.
  16. Be An Adult Now. If you want to stop being treated like a kid, you must act like an adult. You can start by drinking beer. NO THANK YOU!
  17. More Wine, Please General Cross Marion orders Allen Walker to pour more wine. Drink less and work more, sir.
  18. It's So Hot. Everyone was sweating on the afternoon of Day 3. Fai, create some magic to cool the temps down.
  19. Come Here Sakura, I'm Going With You. Different versions of Syaorans fight for Sakura's affection.
  20. Tsubasa Chronicles Sakura and Syaoran Group Shot. There are so many different versions of Sakura and Syaoran the pic was beautiful. We're beautiful, we're powerful, we're CLAMP. 21
  21. A close up shot of my Syaoran cosplay and a Sakura cosplayer. Our cosplays are the first version or the traveling world to world version. The Sakura cosplayer made a feather inside a clear circular container. That's awesome! 22
  22. Syaoran, I'm Scared. So many people. I got another pic of a Sakura in the dealer's room on Day 4. Don't worry, I protect you Sakura.
I'm eating a piece of toast.
1. I Prefer OJ, Kthx
I pose with the building in the background.  I think the building is state workers.
2. Hot Leather Pants
I pose with San Francisco City Hall in the background.
3. New Boots
Maes Hughes cosplayer From Japan and I.
4. Maes Forgot Pics of Elysia
I'm under the Peace Pagoda.
5. The Pic Makes Me Look Chibi
Close up shot of me under the Pagoda.
6. Life Is Really Not That Bad

2010 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. I Like Toast, I Prefer Bagels. A few cosplayers gathered at a cafe to get a parking space and to eat breakfast before the gathering at City Hall.
  2. My Leather Pants. I purchased a pair of leather pants. I should have worn leather pants since I started cosplaying. The big test is wearing during the summer anime con season.
  3. My New Boots. I got a good deal on the boots. The new pair is missing the Harley Davidson logo on the side of the boot. I painted the sole red instead of red tape.
  4. A Peaceful Day With Maes. I posed with a Japanese person cosplaying Maes Hughes. I believe he's from Japan. He spoke Japanese with a true Japanese accent.
  5. Making Peace With My Soul. The cleanup crews remove the main stage at Peace Plaza. I got a pic of myself under the Peace Pagoda.
  6. Today Was A Great Day! There was a group of Japanese tourists from Japan. They saw me walk to Peace Plaza. The stopped me for a picture with them. I did my usual pose putting my hands together. The tourists copied me.

Haku Blowing Bubbles On The Bridge.
1. Haku's Powerful Magic
One Of The Traditional Japanese Homes In Hakone Gardens.
2. Haku's Day Off
The Green Bamboo Garden.
3. Haku's Walk In The Bamboo Garden
The Bridge And One Of The Japanese Houses On The Background.  I'm On Top Of The Bridge.
4. Haku Is Really Happy!
I Pretend To Fly On The Bridge.
5. Haku Avoids Airplanes
I Pose In Front Of The Waterfalls
6. Haku Takes His Dates To The Waterfalls

2010 Nor Cal Spring Gathering

  1. Bubbles From My Hand. There were no cherry blossoms on the floor. I compromised. Another cosplayer brought bubbles. I borrowed the container for the bubbles. I made the bubbles do anything.
  2. This Worker Needs A Day Off. The Japanese home and the background pic reminded me of the movie Spirited Away. I'm outside my room on my day off.
  3. The First Visit. My day off started with a walk in the bamboo garden. I'm never captured by anything. I can turn the bamboo into toothpicks. Wait a minute. Only Edward can do this, correct?
  4. I'm So Happy On My Day Off. The home on the background was where I took my second picture. The bridge is a popular attraction in the Japanese garden.
  5. I Love Flying. I'm flying on the bridge. Give me a few seconds and I turn into a dragon.
  6. The Waterfalls And The Women Are Beautiful. No date on his day off today. No worries. There are many women who date this good guy and playboy.

Santa-san Ukitake Gives Hitsugaya A Stocking Full Of Candies. (199k)
1. Winter Version Santa-San
Hitsugaya's Reaction Receiving The Stocking From Santa-san. (233k)
2. *sigh* What's Going On
Hitsugaya and Ukitake Smiling In Christmas Spirit.  (165k)
3. Yeah, Shiro-chan Is Happy
Group Shot Our Cosplays Xmas Version.  Photo credit:  Stormfalcon  (54k)
4. Never Too Old To Cosplay
Hitsugaya eating a dragon roll sushi at the Japanese restaurant.  (141k)
5. Hitsugaya Eating A Dragon Roll
The merry go-around with the dragon is back at the same location. (214k)
6. Riding Hyorinmaru
Hitsugaya shows the victory sign.  (204k)
7. Victory With Hyorinmaru
Hitsugaya patiently waits for the ride.  (218k)
8. Still Waiting For The Ride To Start
Hitsugaya shows affection to Hyorinmaru.  (214k)
9. Love Between Us
It may appear Hitsugaya is choking Hyorinmaru.  He's showing affection by hugging from his back.  (211k)
10. I Really Love Him
Hitsugaya puts his arm around Hyorinmaru.  (214k)
11. We're Best Buddies
Hyorinmaru bites Hitsugaya.  (182k)
12. Ouch! Behave Now

2009 Nor Cal Winter Gathering

  1. There Is Always The Santa-san. I cosplay Hitsugaya and Kimu cosplays Ukitake, then we perform the Santa-san skit.
  2. The Skit Is Always Funny. Shiro-chan is shocked, awe, and confused and Santa-san is happy and cheerful. It's second nature to us. Santa-san has another surprise for 2010 skits.
  3. The Spirit of Christmas. Hitsugaya and Ukitake smiles. Our captain's haori inner lining are green and red, Xmas colors. Yay!
  4. Group Shot. Our group was one of the last to stay around Christmas In The Park. I was the last to arrive and I apologize I came late. Photo credit: Stormfalcon.
  5. Dragon Roll Sushi. I arrived late and just in time for dinner. Some of us ate Japanese. We ate at the same Japanese restaurant in '08. I ordered the Dragon Roll as usual.
  6. Yes, The Dragon Is Back. The merry go-around with the dragon was back. It was a must Hitsygaya to ride it.
  7. Victory! There is victory when Hitsugaya battles the hollows.
  8. Full Shot Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru. Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, needs to draw a gag shot of Hitsugaya riding his dragon.
  9. In Complete Control. Controlling zanpaku is the key to become a great shinigami. Respect and affection go both ways in relationships.
  10. Hitsugaya Smiling And Happy. Pictures are not always a thousand words. Hitsugaya's not choking Hyorinmaru. He's embracing him.
  11. Best Buddies. Hitsugaya puts his arm around Hyorinmaru and not choking him.
  12. I Swear I Wasn't Choking You. Hyorinmaru bites Hitsugaya's fingers for the misunderstood choking.

Ikkaku and Kenpachi battle it out!  Photo credit:  M. Tang (93k)
1. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Ikkaku ready to attract women with hair.  Photo credit:  Kimu.  (78k)
2. This Is My Hair
Ikkaku with a wig and Kenpachi laughing his ass off.  Photo credit:  Kimu.  (80k)
3. Handsome With Or Without Hair
Ikkaku and Kenpachi shows 11th Division knows how to party!!!  Photo credit:  Kimu.  (87k)
4. 11th Division Cooks
Kenpachi eats Cantonese BBQ pork thanks to Ikkaku's cooking.  Photo credit:  Kimu (80k)
5. BBQ Is Served

2009 Nor Cal Summer Gathering

  1. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. I battle it out with all my strength and might with my captain. I never stop until I scratch you. Let's do it! Photo credit: M. Tang.
  2. Bald No More. There was a Bleach filler episode Ikkaku had hair. Some women prefer their men to have hair. I'm ready to go out and meet new women. Photo credit: Kimu
  3. The 70s Look With Sideburns. I used my old Syaoran cosplay wig for the gag shot. Photo credit: Kimu.
  4. Another Reason The 11th Division Knows How To Party. We know how to cook great BBQ food. Yummy!!! Photo credit: Kimu.
  5. Need Captain's Approval. I cook the first batch of BBQ food. It's Cantonese BBQ pork. Photo credit: Kimu.

 Chrono poses at the Los Angeles Convention Center south lobby. (161k)
1. Only Four People Recognized Chrono
 Hitsugaya eats a kid's breakfast at Denny's. (151k)
2. Kiddie Breakfast!
 Hitsugaya and Ukitake swords drawn. (184k)
3. White Haired Captains
 Ukitake as Santa-san gives a stocking full of treats to Shiro-chan.  (178k)
4. Santa-san Going Pimp
 Santa-San walks away from Hitsugaya holding the stocking.  (187k)
5. Pimped Santa-san Walks Away
 Hitsugaya covers Matsumoto's half nakedness.  (125k)
6. There's Nothing To See
 Matsumoto asks for something from Hitsugaya.  (118k)
7. What Did You Want?
 Hitsugaya back to being a kid. (162k)
8. The Amazing Maze Was Too Easy
Hitsugaya pours yogurt on his pancakes. (133k)
9. Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Dinner Time!
 Edward carrying Roy.  (146k)
10. My First Yaoi Pic
 Edward carrying Roy both smiling. (122k)
11. Roy, My Promotion Now
 Edward and Greed pose for an action battle shot. (152k)
12. Edward Vs. Greed
 Greed, Roy, Riza, List, Winry, and Edward at the Funimation booth. (145k)
13. FMA Popular Characters
 Greed, Roy, Riza, List, Winry, Edward, and Alex posing.  (161k)
14. FMA Popular Characters II
 Winry is about to hit Edward?  (158k)
15. I Hate This Scene
 Edward's trademark pose.  (113k)
16. The Handsome Bishi
 Hohenheim, Riza, Edward, Lust, Greed.  (121k)
17. Still Together
 Hohenheim, Riza, Edward, Lust, Greed.  (183k)
18. Final Pic Before We Said Goodbye

2009 Anime Expo

  1. Chrono needs love :( There were four Nanoha cosplayers throughout the con including me. The heat made me sweat for Chrono, Edward, and Hitsugaya.
  2. Smile, Hitsugaya :) Some Bleach cosplayers ate breakfast at Denny's before the gathering. Hitsugaya naturally orders the kid breakfast.
  3. Capts. Hitsugaya and Ukitake. After the Bleach gathering, some of us stayed to chat. The Ukitake cosplayer actually makes me short `__^
  4. There Must Always Be A Santa-san Skit. Continuing the post Bleach gathering, the hot temps in the late morning forced us to seek shade. My Ukitake Santa-san and I performed our traditional Santa-san skit. The skit never loses its laugh!
  5. Yup, There Must Be Santa-san. The Santa-San skit the Ukitake cosplayer and I require little concentration because we act our characters naturally.
  6. Where's Your Keikogi and Hakama, Matsumoto? There is no way your coming to work in that outfit *being grumpy* The Matsumoto cosplayer cosplayed her outfit at the beginning of the manga Chapter 254 (I believe).
  7. *sighs* I walked back to the shuttles and I saw another Matsumoto cosplayer. She requested I give her the rest of the day off. Hell no!!!
  8. A Genius Kid. Dinner at IHOP. Some cosplayers and I ate dinner at IHOP. I ordered the kid's breakfast meal. Waiting for the dinner, I passed the time completing the kid's challenge and coloring. This genius solves anything.
  9. Dinner Time. Smiles are contagious. The smiley pancake makes Hitsugaya smiling and happy. If one thinks about it, the strawberry eyes make the face like the eyes are bleeding from a horror movie.
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist Gathering. The best Fullmetal Alchemist gathering ever. The two organizers were great! That was one good memory. The second good memory was my first yaoi pic :O
  11. I Performed Well In One-On-One Training, Yes? Here's a closeup of the yaoi shot with Roy and I. My entire body is not short everywhere =)
  12. Ultimate Shield My Butt. The Greed cosplayer and I pose in the action shot where Edward delivers the deadly blow.
  13. Sorry, Al, You're Not Here. Speaking of the best gathering, six of us choose to walk around the con and find voice actor Vic Mignogna. We had fun walking around and getting lots of picture requests.
  14. Where Were You, Alex? The Alex Louis Armstrong cosplayer wasn't at the gathering. We got a pic with him. It's too bad I had to leave X( I wanted to stay with them because they were awesome!
  15. Winry, Calm Down? And I'm the one with a short temper (no pun intended). I get Winry cosplayer requests where Winry gets pissed off and hits Edward with a wrench.
  16. Five Years And Continuing. I started cosplaying Edward Elric in 2004. The memories attached with the cosplay, wow! My Edward cosplay continues to appear at anime cons. It's the cosplay most people recognize me.
  17. I Must Have Missed Something With Them. I saw the Hoheinheim cosplayer, his signature cosplay who actually looks like the character along with the Riza, Lust, and Greed cosplayer wwho were still together. I posed with them.
  18. Being Short. The final shot of us together. The Lust cosplayer disguised as a military soldier was the episode where Lust and Gluttony escaped the military invading Greed's hideout.
Edward poses with a cosplayer who requested a pic on my camera.  (144k)
1. Another First For Me
Edward and Greed as if we're pals.  No were not pals, buddy, lol  (126k)
2. Guarding My Right Pocket
Edward and Greed battling it out.  That's a sucker punch just after we took the friendship pic >.> (115k)
3. You Aim High, I Am Low
I'm relaxing on a chair selling used anime goods at the Swap Meet.  Photo credit:  Chun.  (82k)
4. Help Edward Find The Philosopher Stone
My Haku cosplay with Howl from Howl's Moving Castle in the dealer's room.  (144k)
5. Two Playboys
I continue to find Miyazaki cosplayers in the dealer's room.  Pic is me with Princess Mononoke from Princess Mononoke movie.  (137k)
6. Me And The Princess
I continue to search for Spirited Away cosplayers.  The action pic is me battling Medic from Team Fortress 2 (TF2).  Medic is using his uber charge and I'm using my magic.  Where's Chihiro? (184k)
7. Red Medic vs Blue Haku
The main Spirited Away cosplayers.  Left is me Haku, center is No Face, and right is Chihiro.  We received lots of complements and lots of pic requests.  Yay!  (151k)
8. Spirited Away Gathering Next Year?
Haku eats his dinner after a long flight.  I'm eating with a good bunch of friends on Day 2 evening at an Italian restaurant.  We received complements and negative bad stares.  Haku needs his meal to perform magic.  (133k)
9. Haku's Break From Yubaba
A group of us spent Day 2 evening in Downtown San Jose taking night shots.  The pic is me cosplaying Edward on the stairs of the San Jose Art Museum.  (145k)
10. Military Alchemist Center Closed
Edward is too short to look over the sign seeing if the restaurant is open.  (141k)
11. Is The Restaurant Open?
Hitsugaya holding a bottle water.  He's happy with water.  Crystal Geyser water rocks!   (153k)
12. My Bankai Is Happy
Hitsugaya holding a Hitsugaya fan.  The weather got warmer and I'm lazy when the weather is warm.  I cool down fanning myself and blocking the sun from the heat, or at least cover my face.  Shinji disapproves.  (175k)
13. Shinji Not Happy With Hot Hitsugaya
Matsumoto and I in our battle stances ready for anything against Soul Society whether its Hollows or Arrancars.  Matsumoto sword is her shikai form Hai Neko.  (180k)
14. Matsumoto and Hitsugaya One-Two Punch
Matsumoto getting too close to her captain.  OK, we won the battle, please move away.  Don't you have work to do back at our base?  (143k)
15. Hey, No Victory Hug
Time for the Santa-san skit and pics where Ukitake gives Hitsugaya a stocking full of treats.  Um, Ukitake, what do you want Shiro-chan to do?  (158k)
16. Ukitake, WTH Are You Doing To Me?!?
I'm sitting on your lap.  Shiro-chan sits on Ukitake's lap during the Santa-san skit and pics.  (158k)
17. Shiro-chan Is Not A Kid
Santa-san pics continue as I sit on Ukitake's lap and Ukitake shows his smile directly at the camera.  (151k)
18. Stop That Smiling
Santa-san gives Shiro-chan candy from the Soul Society Stocking.  Both acting in character as Santa-san smiles happily and I'm shocked and confused (147k)
19. Shiro-chan, You're A Good Captain
Santa-san finishes the pic and skit by leaving me with the stocking and the treats.  (178k)
20. Shiro-chan, You Know Where To Get More
Another pic of Santa-san leaving Shiro-chan with the stocking and treats.  Santa-san smiles directly at the camera. (184k)
21. Another Pic Of Santa-san
Shiro-chan gives treats to Santa-san, a Marechiyo Omaeda cosplayer, and another Ukitake cosplayer.  (184k)
22. I Have Plenty Of Treats
I saw a Coraline cosplayer and wanted a pic with her.  I read the book and watched the movie.  The book is awesome.  A friend introduced me to the book.  The Coraline cosplayer even had the doll and buttons.  (136k)
23. She Has The Doll and Buttons
I'm with Adult Nel from Bleach, a cosplayer I met at the Christmas gathering.  The Nel cosplayer introduced me to Coraline and Black Cat.  She attends college and likes to stay active anywhere she goes.  (106k)
24. We Missed Nel and Hitsugaya Together

2009 Fanime Con

  1. The handsome Edward continues to attract all con goers. It's the first time a cosplayer requested a pic with me on my camera. I can't help being a handsome bishi ~~
  2. Don't Trust The Man Next To Me. I met a Greed cosplayer. I'm bad with names. I'm confident I've seen the Greed cosplayer at past cons. Don't steal my watch!
  3. Yup, Don't Trust Him. Greed attacked me just after our friendship pic, lol. Can you avoid the low attack XD
  4. The Economy Is Bad $-( Cosplaying without my red jacket, a friend and I sold items at the Swap Meet Day 1 evening. The money helped pay for my Philosopher Stone expenses . . . and cat food *sighs* Remember, Al loves your cats. Photo credit: Chun.
  5. Girls, two playboys from Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli films. The left is Howl from Howl's Moving Castle and I'm Haku from Spirited Away.
  6. Not Messing With The Princess ^^ Nobody messes with Princess Mononoke, another character from Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli.
  7. Still No Spirited Away Cosplayers. Medic is one of my favorite characters from TF2. I battle him with my magic.
  8. Here We Go, Finally! I walk around the con with a friend and we both find a Chihiro cosplayer. All three of us searched for a No Face. Here's a pic of all three of us. We received lots of pic requests.
  9. Yubaba, Where's My Meal Money? Haku is happy for the break. Flying all day makes me tired. I'm eating at an Italian restaurant with a group of good friends who cosplay, too ^__^
  10. Edward Goes Home. Edward continues research for The Philosopher Stone. The pic is me leaving the military alchemist library that just closed `__^ I was getting so close to the truth!
  11. Shut Up, Waiter! So I can't see over the sign. Shut up! That waiter better not laugh and call me short or else I transmute the window to a door and give him a piece of my mind.
  12. Need Water. Some Bleach cosplayers gathered before the official gathering. I'm going to need water throughout the day. My powers rely on water.
  13. Need More Water. Hitsugaya is lazy during hot weather. He tries to stay cool. Now Shinji, you're a good captain. Did you steal my water?
  14. 10th Division Attacks. My Lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, and I battle Hollows and Arrancars. Matsumoto's sword is in shikai form Hai Neko.
  15. 10th Division Wins. 10th division the best out of the 13. Hey, what's with the victory embrace, Matsumoto?!? Go back to base and finish your work now!
  16. Time For Traditional Santa-san. Kimu cosplaying Ukitake and I performed our traditional Santa-san pics and skit ^__^ Ukitake is Santa-san and I'm Shiro-chan. The words failed to come out of my mouth for what you're doing.
  17. You Didn't Tell Me you wanted me to sit on your lap. We didn't plan for this. I remain speechless throughout the pics as the other Bleach cosplayers and photographers having a big laugh at my expense XD
  18. Stop that smile, Ukitake. Santa-san shows his smile, laughter, and victory directly at the camera for successfully shocking Shiro-chan. Shiro-chan continues to remain silent and confused over the compromised Santa-san pics and skit.
  19. Thank You, Shiro-chan. Santa-san thanks Shiro-chan for the smile and laugh for the day by giving him candy from the Soul Society stocking. I'm still speechless and confused.
  20. Why Does It Always Happen To Me? One of Shiro-chan's classic lines as Santa-san leaves Shiro-chan confused, shocked, and speechless throughout the pics and skit.
  21. Another Shot Of Santa-San Leaving. Santa-san shows his cheerful attitude directly at the camera. The other Bleach cosplayers and photographers continued to laugh throughout the time Kimu and I were up.
  22. We Haven't Ate Lunch The Bleach gathering started in the morning and now passing 1pm. A few Bleach cosplayers grab treats to eat. Santa-san is on the left, an Omaeda cosplayer at center, and another Ukitake cosplayer on the right having a blast from the Santa-san at my expense =)
  23. Meet Coraline. The cosplyer on the left is Coraline from the book and movie "Coraline." A friend introduced me to "Coraline." Read the book and then watch the movie. The story is great!!
  24. The Nel Cosplayer. I met the Nel cosplayer at a cosplay Christmas gathering. She introduced me to Coraline. Knows lots of anime and sci-fi ^^ It's the first time I see her in cosplay.
Bankai!  I pose with another Toushiro Hitsugaya With A Bankai Cosplay (226k)
1. Daiguren Hyorinmaru
Captains are always busy!  Hitsugaya dashes and eats his breakfast walking from Japantown to the Civic Center.  Talk about being efficient.  I can always use help Matsumoto so I don't rush.  Photo credit:  Kimu.  (65k)
2. Hitsugaya Eating and Dashing

2009 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Another Hitsugaya cosplayer with his bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru. I'm impressed. She placed 4th for her cosplay. Congrats and great job XD
  2. Help, Matsumoto! Hitsugaya eating his breakfast and helping the cosplayers walk to the Civic Center for the cosplay meeting. I never waste time. Could use the help by having you walk the cosplayers instead of me p:) Photo credit: Kimu.

The Usual Edward Pose In Japanese Gardens With House And Beautiful Garden In Background (216k)
1. Plants Need Water? No Problem
Edward Elric Vs. Saber Edward Blocks Excalibur With His Automail (287k)
2. Battle Saber Vs. Edward
Edward Gots Saber Now As He Prepares To Transmute Saber's Excalibur Sword (301k)
3. Saber, Do You Want Roses? Red Or Black
Edward And His Suitcase In The House (167k)
4. Al, Carry Our Suitcase

2009 Nor Cal Spring Gathering

  1. Stopping At The Japanese Gardens. Al and I continues searching for the Philosopher's Stone. We take a break at the Japanese gardens. The plants need water, the koi needs food, and I need a place to sit. No problem ^^
  2. Uh, Oh. We Have A Problem. I walk around and I see someone with a sword. It's Saber from Fate Stay Night. She wants the Philosopher's Stone, too O__o You're not creating the Holy Grail with the stone, lady.
  3. Gotcha! Saber is powerless with her sword. Nobody messes with Edward the genus. I transmute her sword into something she probably never experienced her life . . . a charming man. *Ed flashes confident wink and smile*
  4. Time To Move Forward. Al, where are you? There are no cats in the Japanese garden. You need to come here and carry the suitcase. *hear Al's voice* What happened to Saber? She's in dreamland (-,-)

Cosplayers at the Anime Palace Christmas party back room ^__^ (106k)
1. Anime Palace Xmas Group Shot
Cosplayers At the Anime Palace Christmas party front of the store with the Bleach stand-up poster (139k)
2. The Bleach Poster Cosplay Pic Tradition
Matsumoto and I received phone charm gifts from Renji.  Phone Charm are the 10th Division symbol. (102k)
3. 10th Division Phone Charms
Me inside the tree with Ukitake on the left with Candy and Momo-chan on the right teasing my short height. (90k)
4. No, I'm Not Smiling For The Treat
Me with Renji next to Matsumoto inside the Christmas tree (97k)
5. You're Embarrassing The 10th Division
I tried to give Ukitake a Santa hat filled with candy.  The problem was Ukitake was already wearing a Santa hat.  I was nervous and disappointed.  (81k)
6. I Wanted To Give You A Santa Hat With Treats
Gag shot of me measuring my short height at the carnival rides measuring height with Momo-chan making fun of my height. (101k)
7. The Measuring Height Chart Is Inaccurate
Gag shot of me measuring my short height at the carnival rides measuring height with a sympathetic Ukitake.  Huh?!? (98k)
8. Again, The Height Chart Is Inaccurate
Me on the merry-go round riding a dragon of course =p (117k)
9. Riding Daiguren Hyorinmaru
Bleach Xmas Cosplayers Group Shot (117k)
10. Happy Holidays From Soul Society
All Cosplayers Group Shot (104k)
11. All Group Shot
Dinner time.  I'm smiling when it's time for dinner.  Tonight, I'm eating a dragon roll. (108k)
12. Shiro-chan Smiles When He Eats A Dragon Roll

2008 Christmas

  1. Partying Cosplayers. Anime Palace hosted a party and 20% sale. Cosplay encouraged. I cosplayed Edward every party I attended. I wore a Santa hat for Xmas version Edward XD
  2. Tradition At Anime Palace. Everyone must take a pic in front of the Bleach stand-up poster. I was in character being the shortest person *grumble, grumble* The owner better keep the stand-up poster.
  3. Christmas In The Park Gathering. The Christmas In the Park in Downtown San Jose. Many cosplayers cosplayed Xmas theme. Pic is Rangiku Matsumoto and I received phone charms gifts from Yukari. It's also the first pic of Kitty who cosplayed Xmas Matsumoto and I.
  4. I'm Not A Kid, Santa-san. We had a bigger group attending and many took off. The remaining cosplayers took pics inside the Christmas tree. The cosplayer on the left is Kimu cosplaying Jushiro Ukitake or Santa-san and teasing me with her traditional candy and treats. The stocking captain's design looked terrific. The cosplayer on the right is Momo Hinamori teasing me on my short height.
  5. What Are You Doing, Matsumoto? Too much sweets. Did you spike the eggnog? *sigh* You have too much fun and too much spare time. Yukari cosplaying Renji Abarai is on the right.
  6. Santa-san Beats Me Again!!! Ukitake always give me treats and one step ahead of me. I tried to get back at Ukitake by giving him a Santa hat filled with candy. Ukitake was already wearing a Santa hat. I was nervous at first and then I was disappointed and embarrassed ;) I beat Santa-san one of these days, and stop that quirky smile. (It's an inside tradition Kimu gives me treats when we wear our Bleach cosplays.)
  7. I'm Taller Than 3 Foot 4 Inches. Momo-chan, the ruler was inaccurate. Pic is me measuring my height and Hannah cosplaying Momo Hinamori making fun of me. You're no taller than me bedwetter Momo =P
  8. Not You, Too. The ruler was inaccurate! Now Ukitake is making fun of my short height.
  9. Great, My Bankai Is On A Kiddie Ride. One of the carnival rides was the merry-go round. Obviously, I ride the dragon because my Bankai "Daiguren Hyorinmaru" is an ice dragon.
  10. Happy Holidays From Soul Society The Bleach cosplayers pose for a Soul Society Christmas card pic. Hey, what was Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen doing there >.>
  11. All Group Shot. Successful gathering. We met a few anime fans, got requests for pics, a fangirl glomper, and random jokes from people. We got strange looks I personally didn't notice. Most of us stayed past 11:30pm. We braved the cold :D
  12. Dinner Time. We ate dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. I ordered the Dragon Roll sushi. I always smile when I see food. The Dragon Roll is my favorite and my signature sushi order.
Chrono at my Cubicle at Cisco.  (116k)
1. Chrono's Desk Job At His Cubicle
Chrono with Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (109k)
2. Chrono and Engineer from TF2
Chrono Playing The Piano Inside the Winchester Mystery House Gift Shop (142k)
3. Play It Again, Chrono
Who Is Chrono Holding?  It's An Abel Doll From Trinity Blood.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (226k)
4. Chrono And A Special Guest

2008 Halloween

  1. When Chrono Is Off The Field. My cubicle at Cisco. I moved to a new building with rectangle cubicles. I missed my old building. Anyways ^__^ pic is Chrono working on the computer when he's off the field and away from the battles, LOL!
  2. Maybe The Engineer Worked At Cisco, Too. Pic is Chrono with Engineer from Team Fortress 2 (TF2) at's annual Halloween gathering at the Winchester Mystery House. Everyone could have eating some candy. Where was the dispenser?
  3. Getting Rid Of The Stress. When Chrono is away from work, he plays the piano. Pic is me inside the Winchester Mystery House Gift Shop. I must practice for the upcoming classical music and classic jazz musical concerts.
  4. How Cute, But Chrono Is Not A Kid. Kimu cosplayed as Abel from Trinity Blood. One of her friends made an Abel doll. The pic is me holding the Abel doll. Picture Credit: Kimu.

Tsubasa Chronicles Tokyo Revelations Group Shop Except Me In Regular Syaoran ^__^ (136k)
1. Managed To Get A Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot
Bleach Cosplay Don Kanonji's Bo, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha (138k)
2. It's A Bleach Cosplay Gathering With Don Kanonji's Bo, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Ichimaru Vs. Hitsugaya Action Shot Drawing Our Zanpakuto (106k)
3. Ichimaru Vs. Hitsugaya Action Shot
Hitsugaya Getting Too Close To Matsumoto :O  And Liking It? (115k)
4. What's Going On? Why Is Hitsugaya . . . =P Is He The Real Him?
Hitsugaya Realizes He Hates Getting Close To Matsumoto.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (377k)
5. Here is the Real Hitsugaya ;D
Bleach Captain Group Shot.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (388k)
6. Bleach Captain Group Shot
Ukitake, Is That You?  You're Giving Me More Snacks Again??? ^__^  Kimu Cosplaying Ukitake And Abel Nightroad From Trinity Blood.  Photo credit:  Kimu (316k)
7. Ukitake, Is That You?
Bless The Snacks For He Shall Overcome His Sadness and Despair.  Ukitake Practicing Prayers :]  Photo Credit:  Kimu (320k)
8. The Treats Are Blessed From The Almighty 0:)
Ukitake and Hitsugaya Back Shot Showing Off Our Captain's Haori.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (409k)
9. Two Captains With White Hair }:)
Ukitake and Hitsugaya Drawing Our Zanpakuto.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (413k)
10. Smart And Trusted Captains Doing What's Right
Ukitake and Hitsugaya Cover Each Other's Backs.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (311k)
11. OK, When Are We Teaming Up For Battle?
Huh?  More Snacks Again.  Man, You Have Infinite Holdings Of Snacks, LOL  Photo Credit:  Kimu (296k)
12. More Snacks!?! Ukitake Never Gives Up XD
Shiro-chan Receives More Snacks And Treats From Ukitake.  Photo Credit:  Kimu (311k)
13. Shiro-chan Is Shocked As Usual But Cheering Up :>
Shiro-chan is Happy Inside The Hotel Restaurant Eating Dinner with Ukitake On The Right.  Photo Credit:  Kimu(376k)
14. Big Dinner For Little Shiro-chan

2008 Yaoi Con

  1. Got A CLAMP Group Shot. There was confusion when the CLAMP gathering took place. Someone assigned CLAMP a time slot and a location. Unfortunately, there was no official gathering because the long line for the main events took too much time. I'm out of place as the others were in Tokyo Revelations cosplay. Oh, well :D
  2. Now The Bleach Gathering Is Official. It's always a tradition. Bleach gatherings must have Don Kanonji's Bo, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!! It's great my Matsumoto was at the gathering XD Aizen, you bastard. Why aren't you doing it =p The Menos Grande was doing it.
  3. Ichimaru vs. Me. Action shot of me sword fighting with Gin Ichimaru. Ichimaru, to repeat, if you make Momo-chan bleed, I'm goin' to kill ya. I never lie @__@
  4. He Is Not The Real Hitsugaya. The Hitsugaya is an imposter. Why he is enjoying it? Matsumoto, what did you do to me? MATSUMOTOOOO . . .
  5. Now Here Is The Real Hitsugaya. What are you doing, Matsumoto??! You're drunk =) I'm getting rid of the sake under my desk ~~
  6. Captains Group Shot. Group shot of the captains. Kenpachi, we can take Aizen and Ichimaru down now!
  7. You're Not Ukitake? Oh, you are Ukitake :] Kimu is cosplaying both Ukitake and Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood. Kimu and I are doing our personal and traditional Shinigami Golden Cup skit :3
  8. Ukitake Now As Abel. Ukitake's treats are blessed for good fortunes and good luck and happy times XD
  9. Captains of 13th and 10th Squads. Evening shot in front of the hotel. Ukitake and Hitsugaya showing off the backs of our haori.
  10. Trust These Smart Brains. Prepare evil doers our Zanpakuto are always ready for action.
  11. Waiting For Us To Battle Together. As of the YCon pics updated, I have not seen nor heard anyone up to date on the manga Ukitake and Hitsugaya teaming up and battling. I hope we team up. White haired and geniuses captains are perfect for a battle scene. Mr. Tite Kubo, are you listening?
  12. Ukitake Never Gives Up. I was surprised when Ukitake gave me more snacks. Our personal and tradition skit continues to live ^__^
  13. Shiro-chan Is Cheering Up Now. Many people say chocolate cheers people up. It's working :D I hope I don't spoil my dinner tonight, LOL
  14. Nope, I'm Happy It's Dinner Time. I'm ready to eat my plate =D Kimu, myself, and some of our friends ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. The prices were expensive, but reasonable. Pic is me super happy for the big dinner for little shiro-chan and Ukitake by my side XDD

Pics 5-14 credit: Kimu

Edward Elric Enjoying The Afternoon Sun.  The Wind Cooperates With The Shot.  (109k)
1. Edward Elric Enjoying the Afternoon Sun
Super Edward.  Picture Taken With Wind Blowing Past Me and Blowing My Red Jacket.  The Bay Area Experienced a Weekend Heat Wave.  Staying at Treasure Island Full of Awesomeness XD (98k)
2. Need The Cool Air Breeze

2008 Northern California (Nor Cal) Cosplay Picnic

  1. I Can Create The New Bridge. Picture at Nor Cal Cosplay Picnic. Background is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
  2. It's An Opening Theme Scene. Nice shot of the wind blowing my red jacket.

My first cosplay picture as Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.  Sorry, Heavy from Team Fortress 2 (TF2).  I can't use the mini gun to battle evil, LOL.  (102k)
1. Heavy from TF2 and Chrono
Another Chrono Harlaown twin.  Chrono on the left is Evangelion Xgouki in Chrono's battle uniform.  (104k)
2. Chrono and Another Chrono
Edward and Sensei Izumi Curtis.  The Izumi cosplayer is BSaphire, a popular photographer, cosplayer, and mother in Northern California cosplay community.  We are discussing the Philosopher's Stone.  (76k)
3. Edward and Sensei
Rangiku Matsumoto and Toushiro Hitsugaya at the park.  Pic is the Shinigami Golden reenactment where Matsumoto yells at Hitsugaya for combing all the garbage in one bag.  Then Matsumoto orders Hitsugaya to take the garbage out of the bag and sort correctly ~~ (156k)
4. What's Your Problem, Matsumoto?
Some Bleach cosplayers went to Plaza de Cesar Chavez park for additional pics after the main gathering.  The 10th squad gag shot where Matsumoto shows her love to Hitsugaya.  (104k)
5. Sexual Harassment?
Another picture at the park after the main gathering.  The Shinigami Golden where Ukitake Juushiro gives Toushiro Hitsugaya a stocking full of candy.  It's the Santa-san gag shot.  Shiro sounds similar to the Japanese word for
6. We Are Shiro-Chan
A gag shot Edward trying to transmute Heavy's mini gun from Team Fortress 2 (TF2).  Hey, Heavy, give me the mini gun for me to transmute you stupid fat butt hole =\ (112k)
7. Don't Make Me Angry, Heavy
CLAMP gathering in front the fountains.  All Tsubasa Chronicles cosplayers for a group shot.  First time I have a metal sword cosplay prop.  I must stay outside because metal swords are banned inside the convention.  (155k)
8. Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot
Picture of Sakura in various outfits from the Tsubasa Chronicles series.  These Sakura cosplayers did an excellent job ^__^  (139k)
9. Sakura's Various Outfits
All CLAMP group shot.  We remember the mistake in Anime Expo 2006 where the CLAMP cosplayers forgot the all CLAMP group shot.  Here is a picture of all the CLAMP cosplayers.  Unfortunately, the Magic Knight Rayearth cosplayers were late.  (144k)
10. Another Successful CLAMP Gathering
Picture of me with another Sakura cosplayer.  Sakura, I find all your feathers everywhere in the universe.  (107k)
11. Sakura Cosplayer Being Her Best
Another Syaoran picture with a CLAMP cosplayer.  The character is Oruha from Clover.  Sorry, Sakura.  I'm tired finding your feathers.  It's time we separate.  Oruha is so hot @__@ (98k)
12. Meet Oruha From Clover
Matsumoto and I after the Bleach gathering.  I met the Matsumoto cosplayer from Oruha.  Matsumoto, please come to the Bleach gathering in 2009.  Hitsugaya and Matsumoto cosplayers complement each other ^__^  (93k)
13. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto
Here is an action shot with me and with Yukari Kaiba as Abarai Renji in bankai form.  Yukari is an awesome person who organizes the Fanime Con Bleach gatherings.  Must ask permission to pet the red Elmo fur =O (124k)
14. Hitsugaya and Renji
Cosplay chess game in Tabletop gaming.  I had free time and participated in a Cosplay Chess game.  Unfortunately, I was the first piece to be captured.  I was captured by a pawn as Rukia Kuchiki.  (106k)
15. Cosplay Chess

2008 Fanime Con

  1. Meet Heavy. I met the first Team Fortress 2 (TF2) cosplayer. Too bad I can't use the mini gun, LOL. I stay with magic =)
  2. I See Myself. Here is another Chrono cosplayer in his battle uniform. Where are the other Nanoha cosplayers?
  3. Sensei, What is "One is All, All Is One?" Sensei Izumi Curtis and I discuss the meaning of alchemy.
  4. Trash is Trash, Correct? Gag shot reenacting the Shinigami Golden where Matsumoto orders me to separate the garbage.
  5. Matsumoto, What The Heck? Some Bleach cosplayers went to the park for additional pics including action and gag shots. Gag shot of Matsumoto getting close with the Hitsugayas O__O
  6. Shiro-chan. Here's a Shinigami Golden Santa-san gag shot where Ukitake gives me a stocking full of candy. Yes, candy was inside :D
  7. Chibi or Not, I'm Transmuting. Gag shot of me attempting to transmute Heavy's mini gun. I'm going to transmute to a BB gun, LOL.
  8. Tsubasa Chronicles Group Shot. CLAMP gathering. All Tsubasa Chronicles cosplayers.
  9. Sakura and Syaoran. Picture of me as Syaoran with some Sakura cosplayers. These Sakura cosplayers did an excellent job.
  10. We're Beautiful. We're Powerful. We're CLAMP. The all CLAMP picture says it all.
  11. Sakura's New Cosplay. I took a picture with a Sakura cosplayer from Fanime'06. The Sakura made her beautiful white dress.
  12. Shuush, I'm Having an Affair. Don't tell Sakura I'm having an affair. Picture with Oruha from Clover. The Oruha cosplayer and I hung out afterwards.
  13. Sexy Everywhere She Goes. Where there's Hitsugaya, there's Matsumoto. I met the Matsumoto cosplayer from the Oruha cosplayer. We received the most picture requests ever in one day.
  14. BANKAI!!! The Renji cosplayer organizes the Bleach cosplay gatherings at Fanime. All of us Bleach cosplayers thank you and appreciate you being the leader.
  15. Cosplay Chess. I had free time and didn't line up for the An Cafe concert. My first cosplay chess. Cosplay chess plays with the chess rules and instead of chess pieces, it's cosplay characters acting as the chess pieces.
Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot . . . and there is a Sakura XD  Cosplayers gathering at the Civic Center.  (148k)
1. Complete Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot
Walking the parade with the cosplayers.  The walk seemd fast.  New gloves and new wig.  Yay!  I need to purchase a sword ^__^ (106k)
2. New Wig and New Gloves

2008 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. There Is A Sakura Present. I remember in 2006 I cosplayed as Syaoran and almost everytime there was a Tsubasa Chronicle group shot, Sakura was missing. Not this time. Here is me with a new wig. No more curls. No more carrying Mokona. Hey, Fai, what are you doing with Kurogane's left hand? Hand check, everyone.
  2. Walking in the Parade. A friend of mine successfully got a picture of me walking in the parade with my camera. I wanted to purchase a sword to use as a new prop at Japantown. Another friend said the sword shop was a rip-off. He's correct--even with the Cherry Blossom sale. I purchase my sword online. It's going to be tough to find Syaoran's sword.

First Full Metal Alchemist Group Shot (128k)
1. First Full Metal Alchemist Group Shot
Official Gathering Group Shot (138k)
2. Official Gathering Group Shot
 LOL Joke.  Kiddie Joke Really Funny.  (122k)
3. LOL Small Joke
Sugar Is Really Shorter Than Me.  She Is A Fairy.  (95k)
4. Sugar Is Shorter

2008 Sac Anime

  1. First Full Metal Alchemist Group Shot. The official FMA gathering group shot with the three FMA voice actors was delayed. The few of us gathered outside the entrance for a group shot. Even though it's unofficial, many in the picture were happy because they were in a group shot and couldn't wait for the official gathering.
  2. Official Gathering. The official gathering took place after the FMA movie which ended late. Here is another group shot. Unfortunately, the pictures with the FMA voice actors came out really bad *sniff, sniff*
  3. So I'm Chibi =P Every time I put my hands together, I'm chibi or short. That's bad. Here is a picture with an anime fan who thought of the joke. First time I heard the joke.
  4. Sugar Is Sweet. If you didn't watch Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy, go get the box set. Sugar is the Finding Nemo of anime. It doesn't matter your age. It's a family anime series everyone enjoys. Picture is me with Sugar.

Jerry and I posing at the Anime Palace Bleach Movie Poster.  (139k)
1. Where is a poster for Roy and Ed--I mean just Ed :)
My cubicle at my new job I started March 19, 2007.  (87k)
2. My Own Cubicle
My job is easier if I can do alchemy, LAWL.  (80k)
3. Alchemy My Work
Winchester Mystery House cosplay gathering.  The picture is one of the scupture in front of the house.  I can make the scupture walk ^__^  (82k)
4. Nice Sculpture, Edo

2007 Halloween

  1. Anime Palace Halloween Party. My friend Jerry cosplaying as Roy Mustang and I cosplayed at Anime Palace's Halloween sale. Here are us posing in front of the famous Bleach movie poster greeting customers.
  2. Halloween At Work. What does Ed look like working at a desk job? Take a look. I'm happy I'm cosplaying at a different company. Last year, I cosplayed as Hitsugaya at my last crappy job.
  3. Ed gets the job done. All Ed has to do is alchemy the paperwork. Yay! Three co-workers from another department took a pic of me. I'm not at an anime con, LOL. Ed's retirement job?
  4. I Trick or Treated. After work, there was a cosplay gathering at the Winchester Mystery House. Eurobeat King from organized the gathering. We hung out, trick or treat around the garden, talked, took pictures, and ate dinner at Chili's. I can make the sculpture walk.

Maes, my good friend, you need more pockets.  You're really paying for the photo developer's children college fund.  (108k)
1. Maes' Elisa-chan Photo Album
Edward and Al as brothers who care for each other.  The Al cosplayer arrived just in time for the small and big gatherings.  (112k)
2. Ed, Al, and Al's Cat
Tsubasa Chronicle group shot at the CLAMP gathering.  Turnout was smaller as expected because CLAMP didn't attend AX'07 (132k)
3. Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot
Matsumoto and I before the Bleach gathering.  Boy, was it hot.  Hot to be with her.  Yes, hot to be with here.  *hee, hee* (96k)
4. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto
10th Squad group shot.  Toushiro Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto.  Each squad was called individually and we posed for everyone.  (162k)
5. 10th Squad Group Shot
I walked towards the dealers room after I showered in my hotel at The Westin.  I saw a few Bleach cosplayers by the water fountains.  Let's take a group pic.  (127k)
6. Bleach Cosplayers Staying Cool

2007 Anime Expo

  1. Too many pics. Here is me and Maes Hughes with his infinite amount of Elisa-chan pics. Maes, only you can show your daughter's pics to anyone with sincerity.
  2. Best brothers. We received information there was a bigger, unofficial Full Metal Alchemist gathering on the convention center side. Before we smaller group walked to the convention center, I got a picture with my brother, Al.
  3. Another successful CLAMP gathering. We named the CLAMP series and we took group pictures of the series. And we remembered to take an all CLAMP gathering shot we forgot last year. Picture is the Tsubasa Chronicle group shot.
  4. She is so sexy. Here is me with my sexy lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto before the official start of the Bleach gathering. The afternoon was really hot. Being next to her made me hotter.
  5. 10th Squad group shot. One by one, the 13 squads were called out for their group shots. I noticed why the Hitsugayas were on left side and Matsumotos were on the right.
  6. Bleach everywhere. On my way to the dealer's room to keep cool, I found a group of Bleach cosplayers for a group shot.
Audiovent Chick and I posing for another great cosplay shot. (99k)
1. Hitsugaya and Cool and Relaxed Momo
Hitsugaya and Matsumoto together.  O.K., Matsumoto, go back and finish the paperwork =) (79k)
2. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto
Shinku is way, way, way, way shorter than me.  (101k)
3. Hitsugaya and Shinku from Rozen Maiden

2007 Fanime Con

  1. Momo-chan chilling out. Picture of me and Audiovent Chick as Momo Hinamori pose during the first hours of Fanime. Few events and activities were opened on the first day. And I was cool and not sweating compared to Edward Elric in 2006. And the air conditioning worked compared to not working in '06. If the air conditioning was not working, I can use my bankai. I bring my swimming trunks next year.
  2. She is so sexy. No complaints with a sexy lieutenant. Here is a picture with Rangiku Matsumoto. What is wrong with the picture? I'm taller than her. I'm supposed to be short. Way short. Even shorter than Edward ~:-p
  3. Nobody messes with both of us. In our respective series, nobody messes with us. We are powerful, emotionless, too serious, and we are popular. Yay! The cosplayer on the left is Shinku from Rozen Maiden, one of my all-time favorite anime series.

Congressman Mike Honda at the San Jose Cherry Blossom Festival.  He is not my dad.  (93k)
Congressman Toshiro Hitsugaya

2007 San Jose Cherry Blossom Festival

A week after the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, San Jose Japantown held their Cherry Blossom Festival. The picture is me with Congressman Mike Honda. Many friends who saw the picture thought the picture was hilarious such that many people assumed Congressman Honda was my dad, LOL!

The Bleach BO, HA, HA, HA, HA tradition (155k)
1. Gotta Do The BO, HA, HA, HA, HA!!
Requested Bleach Group Shot From A Group Of Ladies.  Hope we appeared in the Japanese Chamber Of Commerce Newsletter.  (170k)
2. Bleach Popular Among Many Japanese
Yes, the cosplayer on the right is two people.  They rock.  (132k)
3. Sitting Next To Two Passion Cosplayers

2007 San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. BO, HA, HA, HA, HA!! The traditional Bleach group shot was the Don Kanonji's BO, HA, HA, HA, HA. All Bleach cosplay gatherings must do the BO, HA, HA, HA, HA. I was sad my lieutenant Rangiku Masumoto was missing.
  2. Bleach fans among the grown-ups. I believe the ladies behind us were the San Francisco Japanese Chamber of Commerce. After our mini gathering, the ladies requested a picture with us. Here is a picture of us kneeling down. At first, all of us stood not knowing what to do. The ladies couldn't kneel so we did XD Why did I point my sword the wrong way ?!?!? Oh, well.
  3. Awesome cosplay. The last picture after the main festivities at Peace Plaza. I'm next to Wolf-Link and Midna from The Legend Of Zelda at the Peace Pagoda. Nice, wolfie >__> The two cosplayers came in second place in the cosplay contest. They should have won first. In 2006, the two won first place cosplaying as Princess Mononoke and the wolf.

Outside shot of Anime Palace's new location in Santa Clara.  Ska_Kitti cosplaying as a maid and I'm cosplaying as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.  (93k)
1. Ska_Kitti and I Outside The Store
Inside shot of Anime Palace's new store.  The Bleach sign posted the 25% off everything in the store.  Anime Palace was located in Sunnyvale.  (122k)
2. Ska_Kitti and I Inside The Store

2007 Anime Palace

  1. Anime Palace New Location Grand Opening. Anime Palace is a popular anime store in the Bay Area and many anime conventions. The store moved to a new location minutes away in a bigger and better store. Congrats to the owners. The picture is me cosplaying as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and Ska_Kitti cosplaying as a maid outside the store.
  2. Inside Anime Palace. Picture of Ska_Kitti and I inside the store. The Bleach sign has the 25% off everything in the store one day sale notice. And earlier in the day, there was a Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth cosplayer. Where did she go? The two pictures are my first time wearing braces. I need to improve my cosplay smile :-{}

Genius Hitsugaya moonlighting as a Reseach Analyst in commercial real estate.  Too bad his brain power goes to waste here.  (85k)
Hitsugaya At Work

2006 Halloween

The happiest day of the year at my quiet and dull workplace. I cosplayed as Toushiro Hitsugaya from Bleach. A few other coworkers dressed up in costume. I made sure I said costume instead of cosplay. I think everyone assumed I was a samurai or a karate kid, LOL! BTW, I work at a wall. My workplace is neither an office nor at a cubicle. *sniff, sniff*

Photo courtesy of the Graphics Department.

Picture of Fai and I (89k)
Fai and I

2006 Yaoi Con

Cosplay pic of Fai and I during the late afternoon. I was concerned I was the only Tsubasa Chronicle cosplay. In the early morning, there was a male Sakura. I never saw Sakura again. I wanted a pic with him. Great closeup shot, Fai >.>

I spot a Bleach Cosplayer and all of a sudden, other Bleach cosplayers arrive for my first Bleach group shot.  (119k)
1. One Of Many Bleach Group Shots
Audiovent Chick and I in our Bleach cosplays.  We both cosplayed as Rose and Edward in Full Metal Alchemist.  Here we are in our Bleach cosplays.  I wonder what's next.  (130k)
2. A Well Known Cosplayer I Know
JTAF is a small anime con.  Fortunately, some of us Bleach cosplayers hang around the Peace Plaza for a group shot.  Next year, there are going to be many more and bigger ones.  (126k)
3. On The Fly Bleach Gathering
Another Bleach group shot.  All of us were in different poses.  Many of us were glad to have the informal and on the fly Bleach gathering.  (125k)
4. The Pictures Keep Coming

2006 Japantown Anime Faire

  1. I see a Bleach cosplayer, I see many more, and all of a sudden, Bleach group cosplay pics. I saw another Toushiro, then Rangiku Matsumoto, and then more Bleach cosplayers appear.
  2. Momo Hinamori and Toushiro Hitsugaya. Pic of Audiovent Chick cosplaying as Momo-chan and I. The Momo-chan cosplayer also cosplayed as Rose, and we took pics together in our FMA cosplays. One improvement for next year is to sew the white sleeves on the keikogi.
  3. Bleach Gathering. Some of us wanted a Bleach gathering. We got a good size Bleach gathering given the size of the con. Another improvement for next year is to get the zori or sandals the Shinigami wears.
  4. Another shot of the Bleach on the fly gathering. An anime con must have at least a Bleach and Naruto gathering, two of the most popular cosplayer anime series.

Fai, Kurogane, and I group shot.  Where's Sakura? (96k)
Where's Sakura?

2006 Anime Overdose

Throughout the day, Kurogane and I were finding a Sakura cosplayer. We knew Fai was one of the dealers. No Sakura in sight. Here is a picture of Fai, Kurogane, and I in the dealers room.

Top of the list.  The best cosplay gathering I participated. Someone read a CLAMP series and those cosplayers come forward for picture taking. The gathering was on the day of the CLAMP panel earlier in the day.  (117k)
1. Tsubasa Chronicle CLAMP Gathering
Pic of me and Kohaku from Wish.  The Kohaku cosplayer organized the CLAMP gathering.  We met in front of the convention center and at the CLAMP panel line earlier in the day.  Thank you for hanging around with me. I was happy to meet you and I hope you had fun being with me ^_^  (109k)
2. Syaoran and Kohaku
I recognize you two fellow cosplayers.  The Syaoran on the left I recognized from Fanime Con 2006 and the Sakura on the center I recognized at Fanime Con 2005 and AX 2005.  (128k)
3. Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot
Edward is the gentlemen when it comes to girls.  Pic of me and Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Just like Winry, nobody messes with Saber. (114k)
4. Saber and Edward
Do you want a time out?  In the dealers room, an action shot with Wrath giving me a noogie. Wrath, behave yourself ^^  (97k)
5. Grow up, Wrath
The Funimation booth had a Tsubasa Chronicle display. Thank you stranger who took the picture. Good one!  (86k)
6. That's me, Syaoran

2006 Anime Expo

  1. Tsubasa Chronicle CLAMP Gathering. The best cosplay gathering I participated. Someone read a CLAMP series and those cosplayers come forward for picture taking.
  2. Syaoran and Kohaku. Pic of me and Kohaku from Wish. We met in front of the convention center and at the CLAMP panel line. Thank you for hanging around with me. I was happy to meet you and I hope you had fun being with me ^_^
  3. Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot. The Syaoran on the left I recognized from Fanime Con 2006 and the Sakura on the center I recognized at Fanime Con 2005 and AX 2005.
  4. Saber and Edward. Pic of me and Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Just like Winry, nobody messes with Saber.
  5. Grow up, Wrath. In the dealers room, an action shot with Wrath giving me a noogie. Wrath, behave yourself ^^
  6. That's me, Syaoran. The Funimation booth had a Tsubasa Chronicle display. Thank you stranger who took the picture. Good one!
Finally, a Tsubasa Chronicle cosplayer.  On the second day at Fanime, I cosplayed as Syaoran and found a Fai.  Awesome picture.  I hope she wasn't too hot wearing the coat *__*  I didn't see any Tsubasa Chronicle cosplayers on the first day.  Afraid the CLAMP gathering is a poor turnout.  (91k)
1. Syaoran and Fai
Worries were true.  The third day of Fanime there was a CLAMP gathering at 12:00 P.M.  Only four cosplayers showed up around 12:15 P.M.  I had to leave because the Full Metal Alchemist gathering was at 12:30 P.M.  Fortunately, and at my expense, more people showed up to the CLAMP gathering late.  (120k)
2. CLAMP Gathering Group Shot
Ed and Rose, again.  Awesome ^_^ The Rose cosplayer I met at Cherry Blossom Festival showed up to the Full Metal Alchemist gathering.  Thank you for another picture of you and me.  (104k)
3. Ed and Rose
Ed always defeats evil.  Homunculi, state alchemist traitors, bandits with auto-mail, chain saw murderers . . . it doesn't matter who.  Ed is a good guy who protects the good from evil.  (110k)
4. Ed vs. Resident Evil Chain Saw
Syaoran and Sakura.  Can't get anymore sweeter.  Syaoran and Sakura in the dealers room.  Awesome cosplay, Sakura.  (111k)
5. Syaoran and Sakura
Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot.  Cosplayers from Tsubasa Chronicle.  One of the last cosplay pics I took at the convention.  Thanks for the group shot :) (130k)
6. Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot

2006 Fanime Con

  1. Finally, a Tsubasa Chronicle cosplayer. On the second day at Fanime, I cosplayed as Syaoran and found a Fai. Awesome picture. I hope she wasn't too hot wearing the coat *__* I didn't see any Tsubasa Chronicle cosplayers on the first day. Afraid the CLAMP gathering is a poor turnout.
  2. Worries were true. The third day of Fanime there was a CLAMP gathering at 12:00 P.M. Only four cosplayers showed up around 12:15 P.M. I had to leave because the Full Metal Alchemist gathering was at 12:30 P.M. Fortunately, and at my expense, more people showed up to the CLAMP gathering late.
  3. Ed and Rose, again. Awesome ^_^ The Rose cosplayer I met at Cherry Blossom Festival showed up to the Full Metal Alchemist gathering. Thank you for another picture of you and me.
  4. Ed always defeats evil. Homunculi, state alchemist traitors, bandits with auto-mail, chain saw murderers . . . it doesn't matter who. Ed is a good guy who protects the good from evil.
  5. Syaoran and Sakura. Can't get anymore sweeter. Syaoran and Sakura in the dealers room. Awesome cosplay, Sakura.
  6. Tsubasa Chronicle Group Shot. Cosplayers from Tsubasa Chronicle. One of the last cosplay pics I took at the convention. Thanks for the group shot :)
Ed saw another Ed with an Al plushie.  The other Edward cosplayer should make more of those.  It's the best Al plushie I have ever seen. (118k)
1. Edwards and Plushie Al
Ed and Maes Hughes.  Here is me trying to be short or chibi.  I look stupid or baka bending down with my hands on my upper legs :-P (128k)
2. Ed And Maes Hughes
Ed walking the parade.  Picture of my walking in the parade in San Francisco.  The cosplayers and I were paused on Post Street. (110k)
3. Ed In The Parade
Ed and Rose in Japantown.  Rose and I walked together for the final parade walk.  Lots of spectators watched as cosplayers walking in Japantown. (446k)
4. Ed And Rose In Japantown
Ed and Rose about to pose for another picture.  We were at the end of the line, a spectator took advantage and wanted a close picture. I'm too tall XD  (434k)
5. Ed And Rose About To Pose

2006 Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Ed saw another Ed with an Al plushie. The other Edward cosplayer should make more of those. It's the best Al plushie I have ever seen.
  2. Ed and Maes Hughes. Here is me trying to be short or chibi. I look stupid or baka bending down with my hands on my upper legs :-P
  3. Ed walking the parade. Picture of me walking in the parade in San Francisco. The cosplayers and I were paused on Post Street.
  4. Ed and Rose in Japantown. Rose and I walked together for the final parade walk. Lots of spectators watched as cosplayers walking in Japantown.
  5. Ed and Rose about to pose for another picture. We were at the end of the line, a spectator took advantage and wanted a close picture. I'm too tall XD
Picture #4 and picture #5 courtesy of Mordyan.
I saw Winry and another Edward after I left my hotel room.  Here is the picture with me on the left, Winry, and another Edward.  (120k)
1. Let The FMA Cosplay Begin
Ed and Al.  Two great brothers and two great alchemists.  (118k)
2. Ed and Al...Also My Best Pal
Ed and Angel Maes (117k)
3. Ed and Angel Maes Hughes
Ed Battling Other Cosplayers In A Survival Of The Fittest Picture Pose (135k)
4. Ed In The All Cosplayer Action
Ed, Al, and Winry at the Funamation Booth in the Dealers Room.  Before my friend and I left the booth, we saw a Winry just in time.  After the picture, Winry gave me a sweet hug!  (116k)
5. Ed, Giant Size Al, and Winry
After closing ceremonies, Ed and Maes posed for a second picture.  The completed second picture with Maes holding a picture of Elysa-chan.  (97k)
6. Ed and Angel Maes Again

2005 Anime Expo

  1. Ed saw Winry and another Ed quickly. I just walked out of my hotel room and saw Winry and another Ed. Picture taken along Katella Street where my hotel was located.
  2. Ed and Al. Another picture of Al and I at the quad between the convention center and Hilton. Again, two of the best brothers in the world, two great alchemists, and two great pals XD
  3. Ed and Maes. Picture of Maes as an angel and I.
  4. Ed and Survival Of The Fittest. Picture of me showing my backside (`__*) in an all cosplayer survival of the fittest. Who was the winner? Obviously, me. I just transmute all of their weapons and make the ground shake *Hee, hee* Good picture, Arashi!
  5. Ed, Al, and Winry. Winry and I posed with a giant size Al at the Funamation booth in the dealers room. After the picture, Winry gave me a hug. So sweet!
  6. Ed and Maes Again. After closing ceremonies, Maes and I posed for another picture. The completed second picture with Maes holding a picture of Elysa-chan.
Ed seriously thinking about something.  What do I want to think?  (120k)
1. Ed Thinking
Ed hosting the Anime Fans Over 30 panel.  I'm listening to someone in the audience asking a question.  (83k)
2. Ed Hosting A Panel
Ed and Roy Mustang battling Envy and Wrath  (117k)
3. Ed in Battle Action
Ed with Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye.  Roy and Riza were at the FMA Warcry table at the Artist Alley.  (110k)
4. Ed, Roy, and Riza
Ed hosting a Texas Hold'Em Poker Tournament at the Table Top Gaming Sunday evening.  Two people went all in and a pair of two's won the big pot!  I need to shave :-3) (102k)
5. Ed Playing Poker
Ed and Al.  Two great brothers and two great alchemists.  (95k)
6. Ed and Al...Also My Best Pal

2005 Fanime Con

  1. Ed Thinking about something? Picture taken outside the convention center. Maybe I'm looking a cute girl across the street. LOL.
  2. Ed Hosting a panel? Yup. I created and hosted the Anime Fans Over 30 panel. Good attendance. Gave away FMA Volume 1 manga as a prize.
  3. Ed in Battle Action. Roy and I battling Envy and Wrath. Uh, Roy, I'm not the enemy XD
  4. Ed, Roy, and Riza. Roy, Riza, and I looked our best! Roy and Riza were with the FMA Warcry table at the Artist Alley.
  5. Ed Playing Poker. Sunday evening I hosted a No Limit Texas Hold'Em with prizes. I was permanent dealer and played from 7:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. next day. Lots of players showed up.
  6. Ed and Al. Two of the best brothers in the world, two great alchemists, and two great pals XD
Ed and Roy from 2005 Anime Overdose In The Dealers Room (110k)
Ed and Roy

2005 Anime Overdose

Here is a picture of me and Roy Mustang in a posing shot in the Dealers Room. I completed minor improvements to my costume. In particular, I shorten the length of the black jacket so the belt is more visible. I noticed the watch chain wasn't showing. The red jacket was covering. I take a closer look at the watch chain to make sure it shows for Fanime Con 2005. My initial thought is to adjust the belt pad for the belt loop or belt tab with the watch chain ring to appear closer to the belt buckle.

Ed and Ash from Pokemon on Halloween 2004 (77k)
Ed and Ash

2004 Halloween

Nothing to do on Halloween except pass out candy, I might as well cosplay as Ed :-) Halloween 2004 was really boring. Very few people Trick-Or-Treated (and the San Francisco 49ers stink on Sunday Night Football). The exception is Ash who appeared at the front door. Here is a picture of Ash and I.

Ed vs. Wrath Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay JTAF 2 (144k)
Ed vs. Wrath

2004 Japantown Anime Faire (JTAF)

Here is a picture of me in an Ed Vs. Wrath action shot at the Pagoda Peace Plaza next to registration.

Photo courtesy of HanyaanFaery.

My Cosplay Experience

How did I begin cosplaying?

After Fanime Con 2004, I wanted to do something different. Usually, I watch videos, take pics of cosplayers, and shop at the Dealer's Room. I was bored such that I thought about quitting anime. Fortunately, I choose to cosplay. As a result, I'm having an infinite amount of fun attending anime cons including meeting new people and getting involved in more activities XD

Talk about your first cosplay experience

I cosplayed as Edward Elric at JTAF 2. I wanted to take advantage of JTAF 2 being a small anime convention because I could correct any problems and mistakes for the 2005 anime conventions o:-) As expected, there were a few minor problems which were corrected.

I got my first glomp and I met at least ten new people. I got people taking pics of me and there were a couple of people who wanted to be in a picture with me. Yay!

You wanted only two cosplays and no more. Then you created Hitsugaya. Explain.

Honestly, I wanted two cosplays and no more. I'm been really busy with my short term goals and finding a new job. Edward is my main cosplay and Syaoran is my secondary. I choose Syaoran for my second cosplay because the cosplay was easier to make and much cooler for the summer cons. I wore the cosplay for the first time at JTAF 3.

An unfortunate event convince me to make Hitsugaya. I choose to keep the reasons myself because I'm going to insult a few people *__* Hitsugaya debuted at JTAF 4.

After Hitsugaya was created, it was a blessing in disguse. I can't stop making new cosplays. Cosplaying is too much fun. I'm going to make my fourth cosplay myself with help from my Mom. If I learn basic sewing, then I can make more cosplays. I know myself and my measurements, LOL! If I find easy cosplays, I can never stop having fun at anime cons. Ed, Syaoran, and Hitsugaya cosplays were made from patterns that required basic sewing.

Final question since everyone wants to see the tips and pictures below. Any random notes to share?

I have been using JTAF to debut my cosplays. Unfortunately, JTAF experienced financial problems and conflicts with the new owners of Japantown-San Francisco. According to my friends who knows staff at JTAF, the chances of JTAF 5 is slim. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in 2007 when it comes to debut my fourth cosplay.

Creating a cosplay is 80% research, 10% patience, and 10% sewing and crafting. I wonder what veterans cosplayers feel about the percentages?

And if you have questions, ask. I think the worst part about cosplaying is cosplayers keeping their experiences and tips themselves because they worked so hard they feel they want to keep their trade secrets themselves. The statement is full of crap :-\ All cosplayers benefit from sharing information. By sharing information, I believe many people make better cosplays, and it benefits everyone especially when it comes to gatherings and group shots ~~

My Cosplay Tips and Information

Hitsugaya Cosplay Tips and Information

The only sewing needed for my Hitsugaya cosplay is the Haori or the Captain's white coat. The number ten on the back and the two different black ovals on the bottom were made from scratch. No iron ons.

I purchased the rest at a Japanese store. Here is what I purchased:

  • Keikogi Black Top
  • Hakama Black Pants
  • Hadajuban or Juban for short Undershirt (The undershirt is short sleeve from the shoulder to the elbows)
  • Obi White Sash
  • Zori Sandals
  • Tabi Socks(Split-toed socks)
  • Waraji Sandals made from straw rope. These are the sandals in the TV and manga.

Put everything together and the Hitsugaya cosplay is created. The entire outfit makes me a Shinigami or death god.

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